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    May I say a Happy New Year to all the members on this site, everyone, thankyou for the answers to my questions, reading my posts, and their own informed contributions. I hope the thanksgiving and the christmas period found you all well and that of your families and loved ones, and I look...
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    Manhattan Live feed

    It seems, at least over here across the pond, that the Manhattan feed is down, it shows as 'playing' with the counter going, but no transmissions just a very quiet, constant static, a bit like what people hear whenever I start talking ??? Is this a known problem or just something my end? I can...
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    EMS tour start and end times

    What are the NYC EMS tour shift start and end times on the FDNY Dispatch system for all ambulances, my understanding is they run three tours in a 24 hour period, and not all units operate on every tour. Regards JT
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    With regards E23 location, do they respond a lot into Central Park to respond to ems runs and any other associated runs in the park, and when they do respond to ems runs in the park do theybrespond with central parks own ems unit?? When they do respond into the park for ems runs, what box is...
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    It is mentioned in the 2007 edition of the operational reference, that a trial was to be undertaken wherebye a non-conveyance rapid response unit staffed by a paramedic supervisor and an EMT was to be fielded, one per Borough. Did this trial actually happen and if it did what were the results...
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    Brief update busiest engines/truck

    Hello fellow fdny buffs I must appologise for my lack of input and time on the forum, purely due to private issues demanding my time atm. Anyways, i still manage to collate data where i can  as it has become  somewhat of a hobby for me, using data from no less than 5 websites and data from...
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    Incident W42nd street completely shut

    E65 and BATT 9 10-99 at the box, W42nd street at 7th, Street completely shut for PD activity, BATT 9 mixer off message and then requesting EMS. Anyone any ideas?? JT
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    Feeds down again

    Just to let you know feeds are down. On a linked note, how many of us online listeners would be happy to contribute a small price each to keeping the feed maintained and up,and running should it be costing money to keep it up and maintain it. All donations via paypal to allow us international...
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    Feeds are down

    Just to let you know that it seems all the feeds are down. Thanks JT
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    Manhattan dispatcher signing off for the last time

    Did not get his number but just heard a MAN Frequency Dispatcher signing off for the last time, was good to hear companies thanking him for his services and wishing him all the best. Where is he going or destined too?? JT
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    Bronx feed?

    Just thought I would let you know, not sure if anyone has done already or not, but the Bronx feed can be very broken and lots of static interrupting the feed. Sometimes it is not possible to hear radio transmissions due to static and breaks loss of feed during transmissions. Regards JT
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    Out of the city... Busiest chicago house

    I am aware that a few people on here herald from chicago or its environs, like the great Boston Fire Dept has busy houses such as E21 and E33/L15, E37/L26, where are the busy firehouses in chicago, what houses cover the ghettos of the city?. Thanks in advance JT
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    Federal Qs on Marauder IIs

    As was the case with the older seagraves, have any companies fitted or modified their rigs with federal Q sirens, or is this now a banned practice by FDNY, only it seems we dont hear any federal Qs anymore. JT
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    Busy engines

    I have not been able to monitor too much off late, but enough to come up with the best best top three engines for seeing fire, either that be by first  secomd or third due response.. But here tney are for march: E332 E42 E45 All busy engines to see the red devil. Maybe not the busiest for...
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    FDNY Companies Bridge response procedure

    I have a question ref fdny engines and trucks responding to MVAs and calls onto bridges, in particular the Manhattan bridges, such as queensborough , brooklyn man etc bridges. Lets Man box 8780 is transmitted for an MVA lower lever, queens bound on the queensborough bridge, a first due box for...