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    December 7, 1941 PEARL HARBOR...NEVER FORGET !

    2403 US servicemembers and civilians killed including 3 Honolulu FD LODDs. All heroes. Never forget.
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    12/1/22 Yonkers PD LODD Sgt. Killed in MVA

    So sad and senseless. God bless this hero and his family and friends. RIP. Never forget.
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    Housewatch areas

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    See "Westchester County" thread posted Nov 15.
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    Housewatch areas

    DC Engine 23 - remodeled watch desk
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    Housewatch areas

    Chicago Engine 77 housewatch 2005 - last day before company disbanded
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    Housewatch areas

    FDNY TL 79/Bn 21 Staten Island
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    Housewatch areas

    Unknown FDNY company, unknown dat.
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    Housewatch areas

    A Bill Bresnan painting.
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    Housewatch areas

    Engine 63/Ladder 39 - redesigned housewatch when quarters were renovated.
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    Housewatch areas

    1906 FDNY firehouse housewatch - company unknown.
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    Housewatch areas

    Ladder 3's housewatch and journal entry at 1502 hrs about 1970s (?). No computer, no laptop, no iPad, no cell phone - but a helpful buff. Housewatch probably looked like this for 40 years.
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    NYPD brass ‘stick it’ to cops, order phone decals to try to curb personal calls, texts 12/4/2022
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    New Book. Yonkers FD, NY

    Just the right place to post a book on photographs of Yonkers' Bravest. Looks like an excellent book.
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    News of Members

    Thanks Chief - but how about: