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    12/4/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 167

    Rescue 2 was actually 84 at this box. I'm not sure if R4 was busy or this is a R2 box. I know in this area it goes back and forth between 288/252, and R2/R4.
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    Box 8300 all hands

    Yeah, it's an interesting box. 159 is second due and I believe 169 is the extra truck. After that it just get's silly with the distances of the incoming companies, hence the importance of the vollies in such a remote area. Point Breeze and Rockaway Point FD respond to all fire related calls in...
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    Box 8300 all hands

    Squad 252 is actually the squad for 8300 not 270.
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    Well said
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    10/17/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 2712

    Location: 1278 Grand Concourse All Hands fire in the cellar Maybe: E-92,68,50,42 L-44,49,19F B-17,26 D-6 SQ41 R3 RAC-3
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    10/14/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1030

    Companies out at the time.. Possibly: E-249, 283, 248, 310, 227 S/C L-113, 123, 132F, 174 S/C B-38, 41 SQ-1 R-2
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    New Rearmount order

    Thank you for sharing!
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    2022 Borough Maps

    I like that idea..when the year is over and the spreadsheet is published I'll try to implement that.
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    2022 Borough Maps

    Those are just little reminders for myself when tallying up if I've taken note with a typo on the job map or if I know for a fact a company beat in another one to a job and it needs to be added or subtracted. Being that this is a work in progress and not the final product, the +1 and -1 won't be...
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    2022 Borough Maps

    As I've done in previous years, I've used Signal73's map to keep track of first due all hands. For those of you who are interested in following along, I'll post the link here to the results so far this year. Usually I update once every couple of weeks. (Keep in mind this is a rough work in...
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    I believe some have been participating in the FDNY CAD. Those who have been, are given mobile smart phone MDTs - same ones FDNY EMS uses in the leased vehicles that don’t have normal MDTs. I believe this is a fairly new program. In Brooklyn, I know Bed-Stuy vollies and/or Park Slope vollies have...
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    2022 Borough Maps

    Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Good idea bumping it for ease of access.
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    I remember when this article came out.. I was working for a plumbing company in the Rockaways at that time and one of the guys I was working with was a lifeguard in Rockaway during this time and knew all the characters involved. He was reading the article out loud to me, relating it to his own...