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    Find Raiser for NYPD 10 Pct

    Hello Fellow Site Members, I've begun raising funds to buy meals for all the uniformed, detective and civilian personnel assigned to the 10th Precinct. The goal is $3,000 and I hope you might be willing to contribute. If you'll help me exceed that goal, my wish is to raise enough to also buy...
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    Neighbors save life of a runner

    Thanks for posting this, Bill. Good news is always nice to hear! And congratulations to everyone's Guardian Angels. Job well done!!
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    It is being done.
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    Chief JK’s R2 Coat

    The days of Iron Men and Wooden Hydrants.
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    Ladder 32 apparatus

    Welcome aboard, Zman1. You've joined a wonderful Site!
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    7/16/20 Manhattan Collapse Box 717

    Makes a lot of sense, especially with the heavy rains recently.
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    Chief JK’s R2 Coat

    Who'll be first to come up with a caption for either of those photos, especially the top one? Winner gets five free McDonald's napkins (used) or three fries (unused).
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    7/20/20 Queens Collapse Box 9408

    Good call! I guess that's why they call you "Memory Master"!!
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    7/20/20 Queens Collapse Box 9408

    Same as "FSD" on the rear panels of NYPD RMPs (From many years ago, Thanks, Pat!)
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    New Seagrave engine delivered

    God Bless these vehicles, all who ride in them and all whom they serve.
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    7/21/20 BKLYN Water Rescue Box 3610 Coney Isl.Ave.

    Many people out of work, neighborhood recreation centers closed, not much to do other than head to the beach. Not a good scenario and look for it to get worse.
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    7/21/20 Manhattan 10-75 Box 467

    Your usual exceptional work, Majestirium! Thank you.
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    Ferrara ladders

    OK, Lesson Number One: Always go for the obvious. I should have learned that years ago.
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    Ferrara ladders

    Sorry for a dumb question, but what is "CTS". Many thanks.
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    I wonder if the reason for the ax in the coffin is in case the FF’s been put in that box too soon and he needs to dig his way out. And did the wife have anything to do with it? Calling Perry Mason. Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock, anyone...