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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    I wonder if the engine companies still carry a fire escape hook for that same purpose. You recall them I guess Chief?
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    Waldbaum’s Fire

    Continue to Rest In Peace gentlemen. May God Bless you and continue to provide comfort to your families.
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    8/2/20 Manhattan 10-77 Box 1266

    E73 relocated to E76 Fire was just down the street from quarters of E76, L22 & Bn.11
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    The Ventures/Days of Doo Wop

    That was when music was music and the radio stations hired personality talent not liner card readers. Thanks Willy for the link.
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    It seems that a legitimate artist painted a blue line in the roadway on Hylan Blvd., in Staten Island, by the 122 Pct. station house. He received a letter from the City citing the law against painting on roadways and he has to notify the Law Dept. on how he plans to rid the roadway of his...
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    The Ventures/Days of Doo Wop

    Sad to report that the "Alley Cat" man Bent Fabric passed away today at the young age of 95. He wrote and recorded the song, which was originally titled "Around The Piano", but when released to the U.S. it was simply titled "Alley Cat." Bent Fabricious-Bjerre and his song won a Grammy award in...
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    Chief JK’s R2 Coat

    The gray hair is a free gift with promotion to a supervisory position. As I used to mumble, "I can get into trouble all by myself, I don't need 20 people to help me." But it did make life interesting.
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    Brand New Satellite 3

    The red front grille maybe, I say maybe, auxiliary engine cooling or a cooler for the transmission. Only a guesstimation mind you.
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    FDNY official defends excluding famed 9/11 firefighter from procession for being white

    That is the biggest hypocrisy yet and a crock of .... to boot. I thought the Fire Dept. is a brotherhood ? The brothers are blue, not white, not black nor purple with green stripes. Where the hell does this political hack at Metrowreck come off with this crap???
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    Ladder 32 apparatus

    They should have kept the 1955 FWD tiller rig. Less electronics to go bad.
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    7/23/20 Staten Island MVA/HazMat

    That road is even more fun when it's icy!
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    7/20/20 Queens Collapse Box 9408

    Prior to that it was MTD = Motor Transport Division with in PD & EMS.
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    Disbanded units

    Someday they and all these other cities will rue the day that companies were disbanded. Oh wait, politicians don't rue a thing as their above reproach.
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    News of Members

    Welcome and thank you for your service, both Military and FD.
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    Disbanded units

    I think they're talking about Baltimore 4 & 55