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    "Leave the car fire ill find you an occupied building fire"
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    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    this fad will fade fast - dont worry brothers!
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    5/21/21 Feeds Down

    finally figured it out! thank you
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    5/21/21 Feeds Down

    I cant for the life of me figure out them you just have to listen after its recorded or will it play live as they come in? thanks for the help
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    04/30/21 Feeds Down

    was a broadcastify issue....almost every feed down
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    4/21/2021 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 0713

    3rd grabbed the units on the box that was transmitted for smoke in the Hotel which is connected to the fire building K
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    4/21/2021 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 0713

    Squad 288 on the frequency responding
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    3/25/2021 Manhattan All Hands 10-77 Box 0698

    Well if it had 9 lives it used them all!
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    3/23/21 Manhattan AHW 10-77 Box 0729

    Thank you!
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    3/23/21 Manhattan AHW 10-77 Box 0729

    not sure why I wrote that! half listening while doing homework!
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    3/23/21 Manhattan AHW 10-77 Box 0729

    330 West 36th 8 story FP 45x90 class 2 MD L 21 gave the 10-75 Batt 9 using AHW 2151 Div 3 2 LS - 2 LO water on the fire Primary negative fire in the shaft in the basement E-3 HRN E-65 CRFD E-39 w/ HR-2 Vent support B-6 Safety L-24 FAST
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    3/23/2021 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 0737

    2 extra trucks over the second
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    3/20/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 362

    Squad first due?
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    Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

    Happy St Joseph's Day! The patron Saint of Sicily... Wear red if you can and eat a Zeppole or 3!
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    May your glass always be half full!! Irish Coffee was good - not as good as Buena Vista in SF though