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    Hartford, Ct MVA Involving Hartford Fire E-5 vs AMR Ambulance 11/18/21

    Wow, hope everyone is ok. That is a brand new piece, not even in service for a whole year yet.
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    CHIEF: The Story of William Feehan & the FDNY

    Anyone know if it's streaming online anywhere? I can't seem to find it.
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    As far as I know it's still sitting in the lot in Maspeth
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    FDNY Fireground Radio Feed

    the DARS feed will not work any more as it is now encrypted.
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    San Gennaro Festival 2021

    You can't go wrong with Arthur Ave!
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    9/11 Anniversary photos

    Took a trip to the city from Mass for the anniversary. Here is a small gallery from memorial service at 3 Truck along with some shots from the Rock, a drill with TSU 1, some rigs, some firehouses and the light display at the battery garage. 9/11 photo gallery
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    Broadcastify Feed

    Thats where I got my intel from. They are using a back up center at the moment.
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    Broadcastify Feed

    I was told Bridgeport's is down because their communications center is getting renovated and that's where the feed was housed.
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    This only uses cell signals to transmit and receive audio. This will not receive and "regular" radio frequencies. This would only receive feeds used on the zello app which I don't believe there are any FDNY feeds.
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    Thats because the radio reference database relies on people to find these talkgroups and submit them to be added. I don't think the same talkgroups are used with the new system. With the majority of the new talkgroups being encrypted it doesn't matter because you can't hear them anyways...
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    New Rescues in Production

    Would you buy a brand new vehicle that has blemishes in the paint?
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    Just opened up for ordering yesterday. Ordered mine right away!
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    FDNY Mand Library

    Is the library open to the public or do you have to be on the job to get in?
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    Boston 2 Trolleys Crash

    Sorry I'm not usually scanning the board on my days off. With the app downloaded go to channels. There should be a round circle with a plus sign (+) and will also show 3 "people" in it. Click that. Then click on add by channel name. These are the channel names and they have to be entered...