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    Maybe someone has already answered this but I didnt see it, why are the engine coming through with the diamond plate on the bottom of the cabs, but not the towers? Is it because of the swivels and plumbing on the engines?
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    New Rescues in Production

    Not FDNY but my job just got a new engine, that’s why there is factory final and dealserhip inspection, make sure everything is done right, im also sure there is more than enough road debris and such from WI to NYC or the NJ dealership to cause issues.
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    New Rescues in Production

    I’m unsure, this is just repeated, I want to say I read It from a reliable source, I do know and just verified E-Ones parent company purchased Salisbury fire trucks in 1998. Only on a technicality the 2002’s were single source?
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    New Rescues in Production

    I believe it was said before, FDNY requires a sole manufacture and Seagrave doesn’t make a full rescue, they make the cab and chassis but not the rescue box? That’s why they haven’t and don’t bid on the rescues? I could be wrong.
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    Boston re-instates District 10

    H units are the special units, H1 is the safety chief, I dont know all the other call signs but they have collapse units, tech rescue, air supply etc.
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    Boston re-instates District 10

    I’d have to disagree and say Boston District is FDNY Battalion, Boston Division is FDNY Division. Prior to 10 coming back, most BFD districts were 5-7 companies, divisions 5 or 7 districts.
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    Tower Ladder Master Stream Water Supply

    Is there a standard tip size on the towers? Or is it stack tip sets? Effective flow from 3” is 500gpms?
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    High Pressure Hose

    Just so I’m not missing any, the only HP discharges are on the officer side and rear? Correct?
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    I wonder what the actual measurement is on the difference on the size of the trucks is, it appears is that full cabinet but the axles are in the same position, makes that tail whip a problem with what I can assume is tight streets to begin with.
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    Just from looking over photos in the past 20 years or so 4 companies 14,51,85 & 161 have gone from 75’s to 95’s. With 85 and 161 having switched from 95 to 75 and back. On the other side 33, 50, 131, 153, 164 have gone from 95’s to 75’s.
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    Are the 95’s part of this order or is this just 75’s?
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    New Seagraves

    Is this the first squad to have an “S” on the end of the shop number?
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    Ferrara ladders

    Has there been confirmation on this bid being awarded?
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    Very cool to see Broadway a double engine house again, as well as a ladder back on Tremont