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    1/21/21 Bronx All Hands Box 2109

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    1/21/21 AH NBKLYN Box 1527

    517 Coney Island Ave E-281,240,248,282 L-147,148,157(Fast) B-48,41 R-2 Sq-1 D-15 Rac-2
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    1/20/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 251

    Fire Location: 239 Lynch St Fire in a MD All Hands Under Control No Special Units Maybe: E-216,230,211 L-108,102 B-35
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    1/20/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2912

    Short ride for 330/172
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    1/20/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0854

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    1/19/21 Queens 10-75 Box 4939

    Fire Location: 65-14 Parsons Blvd Fire in a 7 story MD E-315,299,298,305 L-125,152,127(Fast) B-50,52 R-4 Sq-270 D-13 Rac-4
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    1/19/21 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3970

    Fire Location: 425 East 238th St Fire in a PD E-63,62,38,81,79s/c L-39,32,51(Fast),46s/c B-15,27 R-3 Sq-61 D-7 Rac-3 B-15 2nd Alarm @ 15:37 2nd Alarm E-66,52,48 E-324 w/ Sat. 4 L-37 B-20(RUL) B-18(Safety) B-19(FF) RB,SB FC Tac-1 RM-1 CTU Car-10 (Bronx Borough Commander) *Sat. 2 OOS EMS...
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    1/19/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 530

    Fire Location: 80 Court St Fire in the kitchen of popeyes E-224,205,226,210 L-118,110,105(Fast) B-31,32 R-2 Sq-1 D-11 Rac-2 EMS 32A2 31X2 C312
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    FDNY: Frequently Asked Questions

    Saw another post from years ago asking "Personel that man SOC Units" Figured I would repost it for new members to see: Answers Curiosity of LT Bendick 2 squads (one must be Squad 1 w/TRV) Squad 1 has the TRV which is cross staffed, just like the hazmat bread trucks. tactical support unit 1...
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    Mattapan(Boston),MA House Fire 1/18/2021

    BOX 3647 Maybe: E-52,53,16,18 L-29,16,6,10 R-2 D-12 DV-2
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    Washington,DC Commercial Building Fire 1/19/2021

    Engine 22 Truck 11 Ambo 22 1st Due?
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    1-19-21...BKLYN AH 1900.

    Maybe: E-236,293,332,225 L-175,107,142(Fast) B-39,44 R-2 Sq-252 D-15 Rac-2
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    1/18/21 Queens 10-75 Box 4475 (Delayed)

    Fire Location: 136-20 Roosevelt Ave Fire in a commercial E-273,274,320,295 L-129,167,144(Fast) B-52,53 R-4 Sq-288 D-14 Rac-4 *Courtesy of NYCFireWire* EMS Units: 52G3 52W3 C843 C493 Around 22:13
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    1-8-21...QNS SEVENTH ALARM 4464

    Car-4( Chief of Operations) Car-4A (Assistant Chief of Operations) Car-11A (Chief of Rescue Operations) Car-12C (Extra Safety Chief) Car-13 (Chief of Fire Prevention) Car-15A (Chief of Training Randall's Island)