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    Levittown NY (Nassau County) Working Fire 10/27/21

    Good video
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    First due areas

    Also remember companies get relocated due construction lose boxes & response areas & sometimes don't get them back when they get back to their qtrs... Not on purpose but happens. We had gr8 Cpt when we got sent to 270 and we lost few boxes we were 1st due & he put paperwork in to get them back...
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    10-26-62...MASPETH FIRE 6 LODDs.

    RIP Brothers We Never Forget.
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    10/25/2021 Manhattan 10-77 Box 1679

    polo grounds?
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    10/25/21 Staten Island All Hands Box 4525

    good pic
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    10/25/21 Staten Island All Hands Box 4525

    close box for E151/L76 lil bit of ride for 2nd & 3rd due companies & real nice ride for SQ8 & R5
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    Portland,OR Vacant House Fire 10/24/2021

    good article & video Mike
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    10/25/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 4264

    276/156 been busy last 24 yesterday Box 4267 I believe
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    10/24/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 4267

    Close box for 276/156 B33 little west of qtrs
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    10/24/21 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3943

    5 blocks south of E235/B57
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    10/24/21 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3943

    good video
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    RIP Brother
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    Tower ladder 35

    relocators really didnt have a problem now still a dip but hasnt been issue. You back in with little bit of speed not knowing you'll scrape the *ss a little.