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    12/7/21 Brooklyn All Hands 10-77 Box 8373

    TL159 /107
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    12/6/21 Staten Island 10-77 Box 18

    Relocation Must've been a Challenge w/ Brooklyn AH 2525 Operating at the same time :unsure:
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    Sterling IL LODD

    Dreadful. God Bless Those Who Serve and; Those Who Mourn.
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    SQ*1 '69 MACK R MODEL.

    Gotta' Love the Bell by Chauffer's Door & Can on the Back Step ! :cool:
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    Da' Nuthouse ! :cool:
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    11/30/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3360

    2353 E. 5 St.:,+Brooklyn,+NY+11223/@40.592674,-73.9659062,3a,71.6y,79.64h,89.09t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6vNhbNokO45M65phm1adYA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c24458cc09fa99:0x6e2a093c7c7bef31!8m2!3d40.5928073!4d-73.9656814
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    11/30/2021 Brooklyn----Water Rescue---Box 3585?, 7:45am-8:05am.

    yeh; you get in that water this time of year, you probably Need ALS by the time ya' get Out. ;)
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    11/24/21 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 1797

    Thank You, Sir. (y)
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    11/24/21 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 1797

    As per Usual, Great Work 'Majestirium', Great Work on the vid. Great Angles, Great Shots, Thanks for Hangin' In There. :cool: At approx 22;30 or so of the Vid., FC Directs Ops. Center to 'activate Car 421'. Can anyone Advise on Car 421 ? :unsure:
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    11/27/21 AH Brooklyn Box 1701*CORRECTED*

    01:11 519 Hinsdale St. x. Riverdale Box 1701: Hinsdale & Riverdale 2 Story Semi-Att. PD 20x60 WB 1St Fl Probably: E.290,283,231, 257 L.103, TL120,L.175 FAST, Btn.44, TL170 Extra w/b Res.2, Sqd.252, Btn.37, Div.15 01:28 Div.15: PWH AVFKD 1*Searches Neg. 23 Min.s...
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    11/26/21 10-77 Brooklyn Box 1689*Delayed*

    340 Dumont Ave x, Mother Gaston approx.23:50 16 Story 90x210 NYC Housing OMD Btn.44 10-77 Fire 2nd Fl Div.15: Fire 2Fl 'A Stairwell; 12 Fl 'B' Stairwell AVFKD, Venting Smoke Condition Thru-out 00:23 Div.15: 1 10-45c.4 All Searches Complete/Neg. UC 32 Min.s Div.15: 10-41 (1 Mixer-Off...
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    11/26/21 Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 0231*Delayed*

    via NYCFIREWIRE: approx. 19:06 357 S 3rd St, x. Keap St. Fire 2nd Fl 6 Story 40x80 OMD E.230, L.108, Btn.35 1*Due...
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    11/25/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2181

    E..281/257 (Heard them take a Run to Hegeman & New Jersey[EMS?] - Long Way from Courtelyou Rd.) 😏
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    11/25/21 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 0139

    BD: NYPD Advises No Aviation due to Weather (I believe B.41had been assigned-told to go 10-8)
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    M.E.R.V. Vehicle