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    Red Cross Canteens

    Approximately when did the Red Cross canteen services stop responding to multiple alarms and was this a FDNY decision/request
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    Bronx Units

    Do any of the Bronx Engines carry any forestry hose?  When was the last time the BFU listed as being at 97 Engine was actually back in the Bronx? 
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    Union Beach NJ LODD

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    The Passing of Exchief84

    Deeply saddened to announce after a long hard battle against cancer Dennis (ExChief84) passed away yesterday.
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    Boston Fire pic's

    From Bill Noonans Collection ... Who knew BMW means Break My Windows.!i=3171639548&k=tQnjSNW
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    The Martha Ray That Few Really Knew!

    The most unforgivable oversight of TV is that her shows were not taped. This is a great story about a great woman. I was unaware of her credentials or where she is buried. Somehow I just can't see Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson doing what this woman (and the other USO women...
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    After 62 years, Sugar Boy comes home

    Sugar Boy came home Tuesday morning.
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    Rear Mounts and Tillers

    Do the rear mount ladders and the tiller ladders still carry ladder pipes and the hose for it?  I have seldom seen or heard of them being used since the more wide spread use of tower ladders  When towers were first being issued they still had and used the ladder pipes but haven't heard of them...
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    All Hands Box 2610

    Fire in single story frame in Glenns Estates Box Location Gildersleeve Ave & Soundview Ave If available: E96,64,94,82  L54, 47, L48fast BC3 BC20 all hands chief D6 SQ61, R3
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    Harts Island

    I know that this isn't mutual aid but, I remember the bronx co. doing radio tests with Harts Island back in the late 60's - early 70's.  I know at various times besides Potters Field there was a Woman's correctional there as well as a NIKE base.  What, if anything was based there from FDNY, if...
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    B.A.R.S. System

    Is the B.A.R.S. system still in service in all boro's or just a select few? Also, how many telegraph boxes are still in service, and in which boro or boro's?
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    Is This New?

    While looking through the pic's from the Bronx 4th I noticed in one of the pics an EMS member scotted up.  Is this something new, or just something that has been and this is just the first time someone posted a pic of it...
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    Chicago Fire Department Ordered To Hire Blacks Who Alleged Discrimination

    Chicago Fire Department Ordered To Hire Blacks Who Alleged Discrimination Categories: Legal 02:20 pm May 13, 2011 by MARK MEMMOTT The Chicago Fire Department was told by a federal appeals court today that it must hire 111 African-Americans who successfully argued that they were discriminated...
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    Interesting First Quarter Numbers

    Jan - March of 2010 had 600 all hands, and 47 multiples Jan - March of 2011 had 696 all hands, and 67 multiples that's a 16% increase in all hands, and a 42.5% increase in multiple alarms and this year they have lost the fifth man on some 60 engine companies and still talking about cutting 20...
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    Dispatcher's Greater Alarms

    Not sure if this should be in communications or history but here it goes.... Prior to and during at least midway into the later part of the War Years dispatchers could increment the number of alarms transmitted for an incident. When was this discontinued and is this built into any of the...