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    Most memorable firehouse meal ?

    Never got far enough to find out what it was served on. Really didn't matter, unless liverwurst was your favorite cold cut, just not mine.
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    Most memorable firehouse meal ?

    Truck had AM B.I. and Eng. had the meal. Upon our return to Quarters found out Liverwurst and Onions was lunch. A few of us paid and just passed on that meal.
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    NYC fire protection

    To put some things in perspective, here in Huntington they built 550 condo units for people over 55, which means probably no young kids to populate the schools. So with the increase of tax revenue my town taxes still went up $200 a year. And back to NYC, some people are still working from home...
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    NYC fire protection

    When ever City needed money FDNY was always first on the chopping block. Fire Marshals went first and then Companies.
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    6/23/22 AH Brooklyn Box 1714*Delayed*

    Back then it was 231, 290 and 232 up to Pennsy and 232 was still in Watkins Street.
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    6/17/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 6068

    308 is only 6 blocks away if in quarters.
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    6/17/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 6068

    Multiple alarm fires usually warrant Fire Marshal response. Also reports of people trapped would add to the response.
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    FDNY Ladder 120 Responding March 1970 - VIDEO

    The reason for the 6 FF's is due to the adaptive response with 2 Engines and 1 truck responding to a pull box. I still remember 120 riding with a sign that they did 1000 runs in May of that year. Sure was a time in FDNY that was so busy in Brownsville. But all we hear about is the Bronx. Squad...
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    I just looked in my original helmet from Proby School and there is a tag with #6908 and again my Squad # and line #. It also has the pin holes in it that the fingers made. Since this was the war years a helmet didn't last too long and my next helmet had that conform paper in it with unreadable...
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    Going back some 54 years, yes there was a metal device that had spring loaded metal fingers that they put on your head to determine the size they would make for you.
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    5/16/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 4058

    But I only plugged my Tesla in to recharge the battery.
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    I still have my original Cairns helmet from proby school with my Squad # and line #. I printed inside in white paint " NYFD", not FDNY, and also my name back in 68 when we received our helmet. I'm assuming I was instructed to do it that way by the instructors back then, if it wasn't done that...
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    RET. Lt. John Bob Stippell of E232 on April 9, 2022 at the age of 90. A true 1 of a kind GUY.
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    3/27/22 Queens All Hands Box 5010

    I believe that should be off 108 Ave..
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    3/23/22 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 2493

    I don't think anyone here is second guessing the 1st units on the scene. There was a lot of info from the dispatcher to give everybody responding that they may have a working fire. After 31 years on the job working in Brownsville during the war years I pretty much saw it all, and I would never...