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    First due areas

    Back in the day L176 & E232 in the Tin House on Rockaway Ave. were 4 blocks from L123 & E227 on Ralph Ave. and 4 blocks from L120 & E231 on Watkins St. and everybody was doing 5000 runs. And there was plenty of work for everybody, no one got cheated out of it. A time in FDNY history that...
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    9/29/21. Queens 2nd Alarm Box 8804

    Those are some long relocations.
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    Just got word of the passing of Lt. John McDougal on 9/3/2021 formerly of E73, E232 and L162 after the closing of 232. John was a real good officer and a bright spot in the Firehouse. He has been living down in FL near the Villages.
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    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

    233 and the 2nd section were front to back and so was Sq.4 and 283 on Bristol St.. We used to interchange with the Squad back in 1970 when they did their unofficial 10,000 runs. We were usually up all night so it didn't matter who was in front or the back.
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    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

    We relocated to 173 and Rear Mounts were not allowed to park in Quarters, we had to park on the apron. Only a Tiller rig was allowed because weight was more distributed. Maybe not a good idea to put a Firehouse on the water.
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    7/13/21 Queens All Hands Box 8897

    Stuff happens and it has happened before and will happen again. Many years ago we were at the Rock for training and along with us was L4. That was the day that famous roof rope rescue was made that was on every TV station. I believe it was around the corner from Lad. 4's quarters. So you win...
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    Surfside,FL Partial Condo Building Collapse 6/24/2021

    A collapse like that at 1:30 in the A.M. will sadly lead to more victims. There was a report of heavy equipment on the roof and building was under renovation. Check the building card to see who last inspected it.
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Originally 232 & 176 were in the 44 Battalion. Then somebody got the idea to have the Truck in the 37 and the Engine remain in the 44 in the same house. In June of 87 the truck moved into the new house and with 233 went back into the 44.
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    New York City during the 1970s

    In Brooklyn we didn't normally assign 6th man to F.E.. He was more of a rover where he was needed most. Maybe saw to the roof or to assist in venting in the rear, or in the front if needed for evacuating tenants and maybe to assist chauffer.
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    Firehouses Closed

    233 on Hull St. was sold and is a 3 story apartment house or condo.
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    Capt. John Galvin due to WTC illness. John was FF in E231, 44 Batt. & L120. Got promoted to Lt. & assigned to E239 and then promoted to Capt. and assigned to Div. 8. His Brother Tom was Chief of Training.
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    Harry Gillen another legend gone.

    I just received word of the passing of FF John Block, Sq. 4 & L176, in St. Petersburg Fl.. He died in Hospice care and no info regarding wake at this time.
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    4/18/21 *Brooklyn AH Box1671 *Delayed*

    Long run for 227, maybe 233 straight down Rockaway ave., if available.
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    4-11-21...BKLYN THIRD ALARM 3897.

    With everyone walking around with a cell phone you would think fires would be reported sooner. I guess the fires are now called in when the fire is out the windows or through the roof. Or maybe they wait so when it's through the roof the video would be more impressive.
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    Firehouses Closed

    The Tin House at Rockaway Ave. & Bergen St. is now EMS 44 Batt.. Was the home to Eng. 232 & Lad 176 till 232 was disbanded on 1/31/88, AKA Super bowl Sunday. L176 was moved to new Qtrs. on June 29 of 87 with Eng. 233 & CADO unit. Tin House was opened 9/24/71 with 232 & 732 occuping till 732 was...