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    Battery Operated Cut Off Saw

    FDNY SOC company’s have them in addition to the gas powered saws , not as a replacement. The battery power saws don’t have the power or tourque of the gas powered saws .there intent is be used in combined spaces ,like in building collapse , subways ,or ant place where gas fumes can become a...
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    New Rescues in Production

    the fdny rig contract calls for a satellite repair shop within x miles from NYC. So as long as the warranty are still in effect they have to maintain that facility
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    9/19/20 Water Rescue on Randalls Island

    Another major factor , NYPD ESU as well as the FDNY Rescue Companies have many, many different responsibilities , and scuba diving is just one of them. Also scuba rescue is a low occurrence, high risk operation . The NYPD divers that are stationed at Floyd Bennett field and are assigned to the...
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    9/18/20 Queens 10-75 Box 4101

    TL 124, 5 mins away .....maybe if they where walking .
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    8/3/20 Queens 10-75 Box 2217

    Negative , a new hotel is stil being built on the exp 4 side of their quarters ...the building in that pic is a new multi dwelling , and yes , it used to be a auto glass repair shop
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    Rescue 3 Changed Bays

    No Decon until there anymore
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    Rescue 3 Changed Bays

    R-4’s spare rig will be kept at E 251.
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    Brand New Satellite 3

    Both !!!
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    7/24/20 Queens All Hands Box 7878

    R-4 made three grabs... Excellent job !
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    6-1-2020.....BKLYN SECOND ALARM BOX 784.

    More like the , engine heavy triangle.