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    Harrison (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 10-23-21

    Date: 10-23-21 Time: 2109hrs Location: 34 Sterling Road X Fenimore Drive Description: Fire in a P/D. 2109hrs- 10-75 transmitted. M/A Port Chester Truck, Mamaroneck Village Engine, Purchase Engine, Mamaroneck Town FAST to the scene. 2111hrs- M/A Rye Ladder 25, West Harrison Engine to cover...
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    CHIEF: The Story of William Feehan & the FDNY

    But video from Yonkers ? 😆
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    Mount Vernon (Westchester) NY- 2nd Alarm 10-12-21

    Date: 10-12-21 Time: 1200hrs Location: 31 East Cedar St X Gramatan Ave Description: Heavy fire 2nd floor and attic of a large frame P/D. M/A New Rochelle E-22/L-12 to scene.
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    Mount Vernon (Westchester), NY- Multiple Alarm Fire (#2) 10-12-21

    Date: 10-12-21 Time:2045hrs Location: 95 Gramatan Ave X East Sidney Ave Description: Fire in a 1-story row taxpayer (restaurant) 2052hrs-CMD req. E-5 to scene for FAST 2053hrs- M/A Eastchester TL-17 to cover Mount Vernon 2054hrs- New Rochelle E-22/L-12 to cover Station 3 2130hrs- Fire...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 10-08-21

    Date: 10-08-21 Time: 1556hrs Location: 781 Palisade Ave X Roberts Ave Description: Fire in a 3-story OMD, taxpayer 1st floor 1557hrs- Calls for smoke in the building E-309, 308, 310, Squad 11; L-72, 71; R-1; B-1 1605hrs- L-72 req E-309 to stretch the 5 lengths, odor of burning and a haze...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 10-04-21

    Date: 10-04-21 Time: 1352hrs Location: 455 North Broadway X Shonnard X Lake Description: Fire in a garden apartment complex 1352hrs- Several calls for a fire, two callers on Hudson Ter. E-309, 308, 310, 303 L-72, 72; R-1, B-1 1355hrs- E-308 rpts smoke showing on the hill. 1356hrs- L-72 rpts...
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    Banksville (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 10-01-21

    Date: 10-01-21 Time: 1230hrs Location: Description: Fire in an attached garage with extension to a PD. M/A tankers, Mount Kisco TL
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    Brick Township (Ocean), NJ- Multi-Alarm Fire 09-27-21

    Date: 09-27-21 Time: 1520hrs Location: 31 Nay Way X Lawndale Drive/Queen Ann Road Description: Heavily involved 2.5-story bay front P/D with extension to Exposure #2 Departments: Pioneer Hose, Breton Woods, Laurelton, and Herbertsville. In addition, the Point Pleasant Boro, Point Pleasant Beach...
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    New Rochelle (Westchester), NY- Chemical Spill/MCI 09-20-21

    Date 09-20-21 Time: 0720hrs Location: 50 Weyman Ave YMCA Description: Pool chemicalspill inside the facility with multiple aides. 0730hrs- Car 2302 declaring MCI for multiple patients outside the building with various symptoms. M/A Larchmont VAC and Eastchester VAC to scene. 0810hrs- (4)...
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    Purchase (Westchester), NY- 2nd Alarm 09-13-21

    Date: 09-13-21 Time: 2230hrs Location: 2000 Westchester Ave Description: Vehicle fire in a parking structure 2230hrs- Rpt vehicle fire in a parking garage at the corporate park. CMD req. West Harrison Engine and Port Chester Tower. 2240hrs- CMD transmitting 10-75 for a below grade vehicle...
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    Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 09-13-21

    Date: 09-13-21 Time: 1803hrs Location: 373 Saw Mill River Road X Agar St Description: MVA with power lines down. 1-story commercial with service lines burning on the roof. 1802hrs- Unit on scene of an MVA with a pole snapped in half and wires across the roadway, req, full assignment for smoke...
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    Mamaroneck Village (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 09-09-21

    Date: 09-09-21 Time: 2205hrs Location: 625 1st St X North Barry Ave Description: Fire 2nd floor of a 2.5-story PD. M/A Mamaroneck Town for R6 FAST
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 09-07-21

    Date: 09-07-21 Time: 1711hrs Location: 15 Overlook Ter. X Locust Hill Ave 'Cluster Group Home' Description: Fire 1st floor of a 4-story MD 1711hrs- Original activated fire alarm for smoke in the halls on the first floor, another caller yelling "It's a real fire!" E-306, 303, 309, 308, L-71...
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    Scarsdale (Westchester), NY- 2nd Alarm 09-04-21

    Date: 09-04-21 Time: 2235hrs Location: 16 Myrtledale Road X Bansom Road (off Palmer Ave) Description: Fire in a 1.5-story P/D. M/A Hartsdale E169, Greenville L-4, White Plains E-65, Eastchester Ladder, Fairview Engine New Rochelle E-22, L-12 for cover