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    FDNY: Frequently Asked Questions

    There are certain companies strategically placed throughout the city which have this training - to respond generally to active shooter or IED events where large casualties may exists. There is also a part of this task force which pre-deploys to large events of interest like a parade.
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    1/25/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3552

    smaller building with fire on a lower floor. Engines stretched quickly by themselves I’m guessing
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    Bill Ladell, Fieldcomm: 50 Years and Counting

    Met him at the UN Detail over the summer. Real nice man. Was impressive to hear how long he’s been around!
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    Covid Vaccine mandate

    No and no.
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    12/16/21 Manhattan 10-77 2nd Alarm Box 442

    There’s an old saying about working in the 4th battalion- “it’s either bull shit or HOLY shit” lol
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    11/30/21 Manhattan 10-66/10-60 4th Alarm Box 1221

    When a collapse occurs with firefighters inside and operating, we need as many credible eyes on the scene as possible. A gigantic 100 year old building which has had some type of failure has all types of harmful byproducts to firefighters. Hazmat, asbestos, electrical, gas, the list is endless...
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    11/27/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 2607

    Plenty of larger buildings that face two fronts have more than one address. And both are inputted into CIDS.
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    Collateral assignments

    The Trucks are SSL not Engines. And it is the numbers you said. Although the Engines in those quarters are Decon engines
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    Possible war years repeating itself.

    Fire duty will never be what it was due to two things - nobody smokes cigarettes anymore and the ones who do, the cigarette burns itself out when someone “falls asleep”, and the fact that everyone has a cell phone now to call in any odor that comes in. The “OSW”’s haven’t dropped as much as...
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    11/3/21 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 1468

    They’ve been in and out of service for days now! 109 also! no trucks in 40 battalion on sunday night
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    10/14/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3685

    I dont think 253 is on that ticket then. I think 254 normally 3rd due there
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    10/11/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 545

    Down the block from where Karen was almost whacked in the dress shop in Goodfellas!
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    9/25/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3345 *Delayed*

    There was another delayed job in the area from early Saturday morning too - box 3376 2353 west street 10-75 in a private dwelling
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    9/22/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3303

    Yea but they wouldn’t send both companies from the same house I think L-169 was actually at the detail
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    9/22/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3303

    Its not a 2nd due box for 245/161, but they would certainly be ahead of 318/166 in the rundown. Don’t know 🤷‍♂️ Maybe they were on another box