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    Staff Chiefs

    Thanks fellas !!
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    Staff Chiefs

    Who/What are Cars 23 & 33 ?
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    Battalion 5 organized

    Around July of 2017 Va. Beach will officially place the 5th Battalion in service. The last time a new Battalion had been organized was around 1986. In about 2 years or so Engine 22 will be organized and placed in service at a new firehouse.
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    Vehicle Repeaters

    Are they any vehicles in the FDNY that have radio repeaters installed on them ?
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    Va Beach Fire Accepting Application

    Online applications will be accepted through March 6th, follow all instructions On another note we will probably be adding a new Engine Co. and firehouse sometime in 2018
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    WNYF Unit Location Charts

    When was the first WNYF unit location chart put out and does anyone have a copy ?
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    Director: Va. Beach 911 Center

    If anyone is interested, Va. Beach is looking for a new Director for our 911/Dispatch system. All agencies are handled in one building , go to for any further information. Oh and this is for Frank tie is required once you're hired.
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    Run Cards

    Looking for a run card for Brooklyn box 24 if anyone has it or knows someone that may have it. I'm currently refurbishing Box 24 (pull box) that came from DuPont & Franklin Dean-o
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    Cairns 5A Leather Helmets (Pre-Crash Cap)

    On the underside of the leather dome is the Cairns metal disk or foil disk. Some of the disks have a small letter on the left side. I was told that this letter indicates the time period when the helmet was produced, anyone know for sure ? If that's the case would anyone here know the times...
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    North Carolina LODD

    On 2-3-13, Chief of Dept. Scott Morrison of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept. died while engaged in fighting a brush fire. Rest In Peace Chief  :'(
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    Va. Beach Hiring Process

    We may be starting a process sometime in December. Keep an eye on if you're interested.
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    Va. Beach, Va. Replacement Firehouse Groundbreaking

    Last week, crews started work at the site for Engine Co. 4 in Va. Beach. The firehouse will be a 3 bay/2 story building with a slidepole. upstairs will have bunkrooms,bathrooms/showers & the PT room. Downstairs will have a watchroom, Capt's office, living room, kitchen, workroom, storage etc... ...
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    4/13/12 Va Beach VA, 2nd Alarm Fire in a Multiple Dwelling

    2308 Beach Haven Dr. Near Shore Dr. Multiple Dwelling Originally came in as a hi-rise fire w/ numerous calls. Fire was next door to a hi-rise. Some calls originated from ships at anchorage in the bay 0519: Engines: 1, 4, 8, 2 Ladders: 1, T. Lad. 8 Squad 3 Battalions: 2 & 1 Safety 1 Car 3...
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    3rd Alarm Chesapeake, VA

    Chesapeake FD is currently working a 3rd Alarm, several houses on fire. Va. Beach just sent 3 Engines & 1 Ladder to relocate to Chesapeake firehouses.
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    F/A 18 Fighter Jet Crash, Va. Beach, VA

    At about 12:08 an F/A 18 fighter jet crashed into a apartment complex. Both pilots safely ejected. All other info is unknown at this time. I'll try to get a full rundown maybe tomorrow VBFD and the USN are working together under a unified command structure