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    Very Last E-One Heavy Rescue Spare

    Reminds me of a test question: What FDNY apparatus is not allowed to go the wrong way on a one way street? answer: Fireboat.
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    Due to poor scanning speed, reception issues and the fact I had to have it repaired due to heat issues, I ended up buying a 325p2.
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    Resorce Unit Leader

    Is the Resource unit leader related to the second alarm RM-1? If not what is RM-1?
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    If the past history of the original Ferrari Hazmat tender rebuild is any indication we won't hear anything until the unit is placed in service.
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    We had them on our fire trucks for 4" hose 20 years ago. They have long since disappeared, easier to let hose weight deflate hose.
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    New Rescues in Production

    New Rescues have 1 thin scene light on top of windshield and square cab door windows.