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    Did original super n tender respond 1st alarm to navy Yard location?
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    FDNY Unit Location Google Map (customized unit icons)

    a link to this map pls?
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    Aerials Over 100 Feet ??

    Sorry but the mack magirus was 146 ft NOT 144ft as wrongly repeatedly stated on this forum over and over again...
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    FDNY Response 1945 Empire State Building
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    FDNY Response 1945 Empire State Building

    Anybody have the list of companies that responded to the 1945 Empire State Building plane crash?
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    New Bids Issued

    KME contract that was canceled was for 3 years and various number of rigs so it doesn't male sense why there is a need for another bid...
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    Budget crisis

    This is a fire forum not a grievance forum for you to air out your political prejudices please stick to fire and keep politics out of it they cause divisions and obscure the real issues facing the FDNY.
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    Budget crisis

    The mayor good or bad didnt cause the virus nor deficit so plz keep ur political opinions out of it n realize the reality is not politics but economics; what is YOUR suggested solution to this shortfall prey tell???
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    Brand New Satellite 3

    They are as ugly as the 1977 rebuilds of the original 1960s Macks.
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    New Rescues in Production

    junk from ferrarra
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    Disbanded units

    certain how do u know?
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    Disbanded units

    Dont think so...
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    SS Normandie fire 1942 --any record of response of fdny units specific co's?

    Wanting to know fdny units assigned over 5 alarms on this epic fire in 1942..know of response as follows; 1st alarm 4 engines 2 ladders, 2nd alarm same less one ladder; 3rd alarm 5 engines and 1 ladder; 4th alarm 5 engines 1 ladder; 5th alarm 6 engines 1 ladder plus special units as per various...
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    FDIC Pierce Ascendant Aerials

    Would like to see some of these field tested for FDNY in the busiest boroughs.
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    new rescues and pumpers

    Why did the city let a contract to Ferrara for heavy rescues instead of KME? Also, what is the status of the 89 pumpers order?