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    Engine 5, Ladder 6, Battalion 11 first due from 43rd & Market Streets.
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    Group change

    RELATED QUESTION: Did FDNY return to working the group chart after the Pandemic or are they still doing 24 on, 72 off?
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    Madison, Wisconsin (#1), Portland, Oregon (#2), Gilbert, Arizona (#3).
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    I saw on another site that Pierce has sold the third Volterra electric fire truck to the Gilbert, Arizona Fire Department.
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    Hurricane Ian Response

    Pennsylvania Task Force 1 has been deployed. Currently in Columbia, SC.
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    Random Old TL Question

    I was told once that they were the first FDNY Aerialscopes that were not built on Mack chassis.
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    Squirt Apparatus

    Philadelphia still has 6 engine companies assigned Squrts as their front line pieces. Squrts 8, 9, 35 and 70 have the articulating booms. Water Towers 38 and 57 have the Snozzle devices.
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    The state of Volunteer Fire Companies

    After 34+ years in the career fire service I retired to a shore community in southern New Jersey 15 years ago. Our community has a combination department with one career company and two volunteer companies. TRIED getting involved soon after moving here. TRIED is in caps for a reason...
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    Philadelphia PA 2nd Alarm 6/21/22

    Engine 20, Ladder 23, Medic 1 first due from right around the corner.
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    Philadelphia Fire

    I have been out since 07/07/07. Back in the day every unit had to submit a memo on New Year's Day with their total runs for the prior year broken down by Fire (non EMS) runs and EMS runs. In Philadelphia Engines, Ladders and Squad Companies respond as EMS First Responders. The memos, some...
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    Engine 25 was also first due at the multiple fire death job on Hartville Street. E and Allegheny was the Box. Kensington. Pretty sure the run down was E.25, E.7, E.55, E.28, L.10, TL.22, Bn.10, Bn.8, DC.2, R.1, Sq.72.
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    3/15/22: Chief Jonas 7th Div. Retiring

    CONGRATULATIONS to Chief Jonas. Thank you for the impact you made on the fire service. Now a question. I noticed one section of the order dealing with VESTED RIGHTS RETIREMENT. Can someone explain what that is? Thank you in advance.
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    2/28/22 Boston MA 6th Alarm Box 6145

    Terrific information Mack. Thank you very much.
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    2/28/22 Boston MA 6th Alarm Box 6145

    Didn't the name Maverick come up in one of the famous Boston fires? Maybe a fire during World War II with a collapse that crushed an apparatus.
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    National Pizza Day

    In Philly we had a meal everybody called PIZZA TIL YOU PUKE. Some distributors sold set ups that included 12 shells, a big can of sauce, cheese, peperoni, mushrooms. Somebody would pick up the set ups. 550 degrees in the oven for 5 minutes. We would eat pizza from Jeopardy at 7 PM until the...