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    Old Boston
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    FDNY 2015 Benefit Bus Trip.

    Bill Tompkins photos:
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    FDNY 2014 Benefit Bus Trip

    Weth photos: BT:!i=3297212767&k=R8wtCkd Homer218:
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    Firehouse: The photos of Jill Freedman
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    Chicago Fire Dept. 1964
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    Chicago 2-11. March 10, 2014

    FAO Steve Reddick Vid:
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    FDNY Bus Trip 9/8/13

    Jim Peruta photos:
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    Hurricane Sandy, South Queens photos

    Rich York photos:
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    FDNY City Classics

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    1967 Detroit Riots

    Unpublished photos!i=1647658212&k=tT9h7S9
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    Njmfpa Annual Bus Trip to FDNY 2013

    Mike Shaffer photos:!i=2551960104&k=FwMWRRb
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    FDNY bus trip from MD 2013

    BCFD Ff Howard Miele photos:
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    New Bunker gear striping

    I see they are switching the reflective striping on the turnouts.....what's the reason/advantage to the new refexite(?) stuff? Is there perforated holes to reduce transmition of heat through the turnout, preventing burns?  I see Boston and BaltoCity are doing the same......any Brothers know?
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    Philadelphia, PA- 3rd Alarm/LODD 04-06-13

    Reports a Philly Fire Capt. Was trapped in a collapse......RIP Brother! Prayers to the injured.
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    East St. Louis, Ill FD Struggle

    East St. Louis Firefighters Struggle
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    FDNY E-234 early 90's

    The43k video: FDNY Bullet holes, dented up rigs, ride along montage firehouse tour 123 234 Batt 38 St John's East
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    FDNY Manhattan Multiple 1999

    TheMajestrium vid: 1999 - FDNY RESCUE 1, FDNY LADDER 25, 4, 16, FDNY TOWER LADDER 35, 22, ENGINE 22, 40, 74, 23, NYPD.
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    FDNY 1992 ride along w/ TL-111 to a 10-75

    Bb vid: *** FDNY *** RIDE ALONG WITH L111 TO 10-75 - Laundromat - 1992.
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    LAFD photos

    From the "Other" coast, some great LAFD pix worth viewing: Best viewed by clicking on the 1st pic, then going into slideshow......
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    FDNY 1995

    FDNY 10-75 All Hands on St. Nicolas Ave, Harlem, 1/30/95 Harlem flames by night - FDNY E37 & L40 fight outside rubbish, 01/30/95. FDNY HazMat No. 1 at scene of a tank isolation Fire, Brklyn, 1995. THE ICICLE FACTORY - FDNY Brooklyn 2nd Alarm, water turns to ice, 1995.