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  1. Signal73

    8/7/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 4402

    Fire Location: 3204 Gunther Ave Box loaded up XCO to L-51 “Sounds like work” Fire out the windows 2nd floor L-32 Fast B-15 All Hands E-38,66,62,97 L-51,61,32(fast),39s/c B-15,20 R-3 Sq-61 D-7 Rac-3 B-15 (2) 10-45s No Codes
  2. Signal73

    8/6/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1621

    Fire Location: 1389 St Marks Ave Fire 2nd floor of a 20 X 60 2 story MD B-38 All Hands 2 L/S 1 in Opp L-176 Fast
  3. Signal73

    8/6/2022 Bronx All Hands Box 3683

    Engine 91 Act. Engine 90
  4. Signal73

    8/6/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 2293

    Fire Location: 643 Cauldwell Ave B-14 gave the 10-75 Fire on the 5th floor of a 6 story brick MD B-14 All Hands E-73,82,83,94,46s/c L-42,31,29(Fast),48s/c,16 Act. 29s/c B-14,3 R-4 Sq-61 D-7 Rac-1 B-14 extra Engine & truck E-46 & L-48 D-7 s/c an additional truck still have heavy smoke on...
  5. Signal73

    8/6/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 2397

    Fire Location: 1000 Morris Ave B-17 gave the 10-75 Fire in discount store B-17 s/c 2 additional trucks XCO transmits the All Hands on that request E-92,50,71,68,43 Act. 50s/c L-44,19,55(Fast),49s/c,27s/c,46 Act. 44s/c B-17,26 R-3 Sq-41 D-6 Rac-3 D-6 Fire in a 3 story 90 X 75 Commercial. 2...
  6. Signal73

    8/6/22 Queens 10-75 Box 6803

    Fire Location: 220-21 106th Ave Fire in a PD Maybe: E-304,317,301,251,275s/c L-162,165,150(Fast),133s/c B-54, 53 R-4 Sq-270 D-13 Rac-4
  7. Signal73

    8/5/22 Manhattan 10-77 Box 623

    202 West 24 St B-7 gave the 10-77 Fire in a 10 story MD E-1 cleared a run assigned E-3,26,14,16 E-1 (H.R Nozzle) E-5(C.F.R.D) E-39 w/ H.R 2 L-12,24,3(Fast) L-7,21 B-7,6,2,8(Safety) R-1 Sq-18 D-1 Rac-1 RB,SB FC RM-1 B-7 All Hands
  8. Signal73

    8/5/22 Manhattan 10-77 Box 1177

    Fire Location: 180 E 88th St off 3rd Ave Fire on the terrace 4th fl of a 32 story 30x100 HRFPMD
  9. Signal73

    8/4/22 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 2751

    I think what the understanding is with the admins is We hear a progress report “by the order of Car-100 Chief JoeBlow” We can post the name in the rundown or in a comment added to a home made list if you have one What we can’t do is post a list of everyone name per the Admins. If we post a...
  10. Signal73

    New Chief of Department

    There was an updated list. But the admins on this site don’t want the names posted
  11. Signal73

    8/4/22 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 2751

    64 Acting 68 on the 3rd
  12. Signal73

    8/3/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 289

    After asking yes stays a Brooklyn Box
  13. Signal73

    8/3/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 289

    They changed the address to 46-40 Metropolitan Ave (Scrap King) With the change of address does this incident become Queens Box 4075?
  14. Signal73

    Bridgeport, Ct 2nd Alarm House Fire 8/2/22

    2nd Alarm E12 E3 L6 Mayday FF fell through. FF out with minor injuries
  15. Signal73

    8/3/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 289

    Fire Location: 74 Onderdonk Ave Fire in A Junkyard
  16. Signal73

    8/1/22 Queens All Hands Box 5573

  17. Signal73

    2022 Borough Maps

    Should be some what updated as well as the Unit Location Map
  18. Signal73

    FDNY: Frequently Asked Questions

    Maybe a nickname for that fire fighter
  19. Signal73

    8/2/22 Queens 10-75 Box 8688 (2)

    Fire Location: 172-45 127th Ave E-275 gave the 10-75 Fire in a vacant PD E-275,317,311,302 L-133,165,158(Fast) B-54,50 R-4 Sq-270 D-13 Rac-4