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    Reserve Tower Ladders

    I was gonna say that. The House watch isn't on that side of the bay at 53/43 and there is an apple on the plaque board
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    Why would SOC FFs have to be trained on it?
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    Its probably a picture of their last rig that was just replaced. edit: nevermind. pic of the replaced rig has a different company logo on it.
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    New Seagraves

    Here is the link for the Bid specifications for the Aerials. The specifics start on page 60 BID TITLE: TRUCK, 100’ REAR MOUNT AERIAL APPARATUS - FDNY
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    New Seagraves

    Seagrave won the bid for the aerials. There was the bid specifications in another thread.
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    Spare fleet

    Here is the google street view from November 2020 It shows the reserve R4 and there is a reserve engine behind the roll off truck,-73.9449874,3a,75y,194.26h,90.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srXdOVq2dvSShExRgtmLfsA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en&authuser=0
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    Spare fleet

    L702 was kept at soc island for awhile. and the engine. The hazmat 2s and squad 800 were not there. unless they moved them there resently. There is not that much room
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    New Seagraves

    Looks like the Radio Repair shops in Woodside queens
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    Assignment of new apparatus

    Probably cause they are way out of the way in Eastern Queens. Some guys will make the trip but most will stick to the busier areas and more populated
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    Does fdny use navigation aid

    The ipads that the company's have do have waze on them and can be used by putting the box number into the an app. Most chauffeurs can use an app on there own phone too. I know I have. It is easier sometimes then using the route cards that each company has in their house watch. I have used it to...
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    It's still at the shops. Saw it the other day
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    Ferrara ladders

    From an old thread when the new Ferraras were assigned. The current replacement schedule for the assignment of the twenty new Ferrara 100 foot rearmount aerials currently on order, will be as follows: Ladder Companies 137, 156, 81, 123, 24, 169, 32, 154, 42 (preceeding all currently assigned...
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    New Seagraves

    Wasn't there a guy on another forum that had complete lists the last time the KME's and Ferarras rolled out? had up to date production pictures too.
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    Ferrara ladders

    If they did I hope they keep the same cab layout of the Ferrara's
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    Change on the front page of the web site?

    There used to be a section on the front page if you scrolled down on the right side to see all the recent posts.  It seems to be missing to me.  Anyone else notice this? That is the way I used to browse the forums so I could see the all the latest posts in each category so I wouldn't miss...
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    12/10/10 Person pinned between train and platform

    From The Post: Horror photos reveal torment of man pinned between 4 train and platform By MATTHEW NESTEL, KIRSTAN CONLEY and JEREMY OLSHAN Read more...