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  1. grumpy grizzly

    Lexington MA Third alarm @ power station.

    Lexington MA has a third alarm at Box 6, 1702 Massachusetts Ave @ Edison Way for a fire at the Eversource power station. S/C two foam units to the scene.
  2. grumpy grizzly

    Getting Salty

    Getting Salty #105 will feature former Chicago Battalion Chief Mitch Crooker. In addition @ minute 40 or so the picture of Engine Company 77 is my contribution to Mitch and the show. Enjoy.
  3. grumpy grizzly

    Boston 4-1322

    Boston has transmitted a third alarm on Box 1322 for a fire @ 1 Congress Street. This is a multi-story high rise under construction with fire in the duct work of floors 2 through 4. Additionally fire is reported on floors 6-8 with fire on floor 6 knocked down. Companies are being re-positioned...
  4. grumpy grizzly

    CFD Radio 800 system.

    It appears that because of on-going problems with the Chicago radio system they are using the 800 band system. This precludes monitoring via the Internet it seems. Perhaps those with CFD experience can expound on this.
  5. grumpy grizzly

    Boston MBTA train fire (delayed)

    One car of an Orange Line MBTA train experienced mechanical issues and caught on fire this morning. Dense smoke enveloped a car, one woman leaped into the Mystic River. Other passengers stepped forward to assist their fellow passengers. These cars are 40 years old or more which means I may have...
  6. grumpy grizzly

    Chicago Fire Department and the date July 10.

    July 10th is a black day in the history of the Chicago Fire Department. On that date in 1893 13 firefighters lost their lives while fighting a fire in a wooden building at the Chicago's World Fair. This building whose construction was ill-conceived at best, it was a cold storage warehouse whose...
  7. grumpy grizzly

    Newton MA 4th alarm (delayed)

    Last night Newton firefighter fought a 4th alarm fire in a 2 story, 60 x 45 building. First crews found heavy fire conditions on the first and second floors. Eventually the entire building was involved and later collapsed. By the way, this town is where Fig Newtons got their name.
  8. grumpy grizzly

    Somerville MA third alarm

    Somerville MA has transmitted the third alarm for a fire @ 30 Inner Belt Hwy for a fire in a laundry service establishment.
  9. grumpy grizzly

    FDNY Ops Guide

    Is there any news on the publication of a new FDNY Operational Reference Guide.
  10. grumpy grizzly

    New Boston Commissioner (delayed)

    Mayor Michelle Wu has named Paul Burke as the next fire commissioner replacing Jack Dempsey who reached the mandatory retirement age. Commissioner Burke is a 32 year member of the department, having started his service with Engine 3 in the South End.
  11. grumpy grizzly

    Mass shooting in Highland Park Illinois

    At least 10 ambulances have been requested at the Highland Park Illinois Fourth of July parade for a mass shooting.
  12. grumpy grizzly

    Chicago 2-11 & Haz-Mat

    Chicago has a 2-11 and a Haz-Mat fire in a 1 story commercial @ 4106 N Nashville. Fire is through the roof, 2 TL's the squad, and numerous hand lines in operation. Upgraded to a 3-11 @ 1510CST.
  13. grumpy grizzly

    Chicago relocations

    Engine 29 has re-located to the quarters of Engine 28 @ 2500 S Throop because of major renovations to their quarters including enlarging the apparatus entrance. E-29 is located near the field of the White Sox. Photo from 1984.
  14. grumpy grizzly

    CFD radio feeds

    CFD has switched over to a 800 trunked system. Until someone sets up a system for this new system there will be no broadcasts via Broadcastify or OpenMHz.
  15. grumpy grizzly

    CFD apparatus re-locations

    Following are apparatus changes in assignments. TL 37 @ E60 reverts back to T-37, T-16 @ E63 is upgraded to a TL. In addition my sources state TL-24 @ E75 will change apparatus and assignments with T-40 @ E 121. They are out of position to be used as a TL.
  16. grumpy grizzly

    Vandals damage firehouse

    Several vandals broke into the Homewood acres FD, part of the Homewodd FD in southern Cook Country and caused in excess of 140,000 in damages. All 11 rooms were completely trashed, the chief said it would have been better if they had burned the building. Cameras identified them as a group ages 9-14.
  17. grumpy grizzly

    Chicago 2-11

    Chicago has a 2-11 @ 4539 S Justine, 2.5 story with heavy fire. 5 hand lines, 2 master streams and a TL being set up. Fire is now in the southern exposure.
  18. grumpy grizzly

    Normal Illinois battery pack fire @ Rivian plant

    Normal Illinois FF's responded to a reported thermal runaway fire in a battery pack at the Rivian Electric Vehicle Assembly plant @ 10:00AM today. Using handlines connected to standpipes the fire was extinguished and water was kept flowing to prevent more thermal runaway. Once extinguished the...
  19. grumpy grizzly

    Taunton MA 5th alarm.

    Tauton MA FD has a fifth alarm for fire in a large, one story L-shaped building with collapse on the "C" side. Numerous 4" hand lines and tower ladder appliances in use. Info from Greater Boston radio and the Box 52 Assoc, monitor on Broadcastify..
  20. grumpy grizzly

    St Charles IL resort fire

    Firefighters are on the scene of a 2-11 alarm fire at the vacant Pheasant Run Resort In @ 4051 E Main Street. Back in the 70's and 80's this was a well known resort in the Western suburbs. Upgraded @ 1800 to the third alarm