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  1. Parkave32

    Apparatus photo from Mexico

    My wife an I are finishing a cruise through the Panama Canal with our last port today in Cozumel Mexico. There was a parade for Mexican Revolution day and we saw the police and fire units in the parade. I am attaching a picture of the apparatus, a Pierce Telesquirt.
  2. Parkave32

    Relocated Squads

    Can someone tell me if a squad will take their second piece with them when they relocate?
  3. Parkave32

    Fire ice unit

    I have heard several times the question asked of whether the IC wants a fire ice unit. What is this?
  4. Parkave32

    10-75 Box 4173

    10 75 transmitted for a private dwelling at 646 Wilcox Ave, Lad 50 gave the 10 75. 4 engines 3 ladders and rescue on box due to numerous calls. engines 72 89 sq61 64 ladders 50 54 47 became available and was assigned batt 20 div7 rescue 3 sq 41
  5. Parkave32

    New Transit Box numbers in Manhattan

    I noticed the other day that Manhattan was using 7000 series box numbers for transit responses. When did this go into effect?