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  1. grumpy grizzly

    Books on the "War Years"

    One of the reason Boston Engine 26 relocated on every second alarm was they were a 2 piece with a Squrt apparatus. Also they were in a 2 engine company house with Engine 7 and were centrally located. None of this mattered evidentally when on April 10 1981 they were placed OOS.
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    News of Members

    After having as a Federal/military firefighter At Peoria IL ANG, Naval Surface Weapons Center in Dahlgren VA on Truck 28, and the Navy Boot Camp at North Chicago my son James has been hired as a municipal fire-fighter in Joliet Illinois. It has been awhile in happening but many of the towns...
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    CFD Radio 800 system.

    It appears there is limited broadcasting of Chicago's 800MHZ radio on Broadcastify. Either that or things are just slow.
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    Lexington MA Third alarm @ power station.

    Lexington MA has a third alarm at Box 6, 1702 Massachusetts Ave @ Edison Way for a fire at the Eversource power station. S/C two foam units to the scene.
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    Amphibious Rescue Vehicle

    Milwaukee early 1980's.
  6. grumpy grizzly

    Amphibious Rescue Vehicle

    Who remembers these? Milwaukee FD in the early 1980's. Built from the bottom up, not a DUKW conversion. It was stored at a land station and drove to the lake.
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    Operational Reference

    I asked the question a few months ago as to when a new edition was forthcoming and I was told via PM the new one was in the works.
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    Getting Salty

    Getting Salty #105 will feature former Chicago Battalion Chief Mitch Crooker. In addition @ minute 40 or so the picture of Engine Company 77 is my contribution to Mitch and the show. Enjoy.
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    CFD Radio 800 system.

    Thank you for the follow-up on this. I still maintain contact with several current and former CFD members and they all say the same thing. The 470 system which is a Motorola system has been a dog since its inception. This current set-up is a recipe for disaster. It is like being home with two...
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    Boston 4-1322

    Is this building cursed or what?
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    Boston 4-1322

    Boston has transmitted a third alarm on Box 1322 for a fire @ 1 Congress Street. This is a multi-story high rise under construction with fire in the duct work of floors 2 through 4. Additionally fire is reported on floors 6-8 with fire on floor 6 knocked down. Companies are being re-positioned...
  12. grumpy grizzly

    CFD Radio 800 system.

    It appears that because of on-going problems with the Chicago radio system they are using the 800 band system. This precludes monitoring via the Internet it seems. Perhaps those with CFD experience can expound on this.
  13. grumpy grizzly

    FDNY apparatus placement

    Chicago from the mid 1980's Engine 14/Truck 19 first due at a chocolate factory fire, 14 hit the hydrant on the corner and 19 went to vent the glass brick windows. Pretty much the same today but they try to leave space for the tower ladder if possible and practical.
  14. grumpy grizzly

    7/19/22 Boston MA 5th Alarm Box 6186

    Which is why I think Engine 21 is on many running cards as a second alarm engine. In the old days Engine 34 in Brighton was a cover engine on almost all seconds.
  15. grumpy grizzly

    7/19/22 Boston MA 5th Alarm Box 6186

    How about raising that ground ladder to the third floor from the alley way no less.
  16. grumpy grizzly

    Boston MBTA train fire (delayed)

    One car of an Orange Line MBTA train experienced mechanical issues and caught on fire this morning. Dense smoke enveloped a car, one woman leaped into the Mystic River. Other passengers stepped forward to assist their fellow passengers. These cars are 40 years old or more which means I may have...
  17. grumpy grizzly

    7/19/22 Boston MA 5th Alarm Box 6186

    Fifth alarm sounded. Command reports heavy fire knocked down eight lines stretched and operating.
  18. grumpy grizzly

    Bonhomme Richard Fire - Naval Leaders Reprimanded 7/15/22

    If I remember correctly during the Forrestal incident the second, and more powerful, explosion killed most of the trained fire fighting crews. Other sailors heroically grabbed the hose lines and fought the fires. Sadly because of inexperience and no training the water just washed away whatever...
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    7/15/22 Boston MA 3rd Alarm

    Extended now to the exposure building @ 24 Brent Street.
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    4 ff's on duty, well someone has to operate the pump for a water supply, and someone might have to control the stick. Make that 2 ff's available to do something.