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    10 Killed in Luzerne County, PA House Fire

    Does anyone have a link on this story, this weekend? 10 people killed including part of a responding firefighters family.
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    LODD 8/8/18 Dekalb County, GA

    42 year old , 9 year veteran of Dekalb County Fire Rescue, Station 25 B shift, Barry Everett was discovered deceased in his bunk by a fellow firefighter at shift change this morning. His last call was just after midnight and no one had contact after that response. More information and...
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    Engine 74

    I just acquired a journal for Engine Company 74 for the era of 1910-1918. In looking at the history of the company on site it shows the engine changing qtrs in 1992 to an old house that was disbanded engine 56? So my question is , does anyone know why and who occupies the qtrs with...
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    3rd Alarm-Metro Nashville Explosion 6/19/2012

    Reported explosion in the delta atrium area of the Opryland Hotel and Resortat approximately 2000 hrs CST. First companies report water flow and interior wall and ceiling collapse. First Arriving Chief, District 28, Debbie Campbell requested 2nd then 3rd alarm due to size and occupancy. Early...
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    Asbury Park Line of Duty Injury

    Captain Jason Fazio, 41 was severely injured in a fire at a downtown fire this morning. He encountered conditions that deterioriated then flashed over. He bailed from a second story window and is suffering from broken bones and sever burns. Go to for more information. He is a 17 year...
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    10/28/2010 2nd alarm box 5856 2 1/2 stry church

    2nd alarm on bx 5856 . church with fire through the roof. 10-75 before the first unit arrived. someone else fill in the blanks.
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    locating history of retired FDNY member

    I am looking for history and possible location of retired member Fred Mercelliott. We are doing a history of Fire Science program in early 80's at the Louisiana State University at Eunice. He had retired from FDNY with a brother also on the job. He had taught at the University of New Haven prior...