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    8/12/22: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 2372

    From another site, all hands fire at 681 East 83rd Street, Brooklyn. Report of people trapped. B 41 reports fire in a 3 story PD, one 10-45 removed. Later reports two 10-45s. D 15 reports fire under control at 1158 hrs with one 10-45 code 2 and one 10-45 code 4. Assignment might be unusual...
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    Stonington, CT- Two alarm boat fire 7/10/22

    Pawcatuck FD was dispatched to a reported working boat fire in a marina at 7 River Road. First arriving unit reported heavy smoke from an approximately 45 foot Chris Craft cabin cruiser on land at the marina and requested a first alarm assignment. Shortly after, a second alarm was requested...
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    6/3/22: Ashaway, RI- working structure fire

    Ashaway (RI) operating at a working structure fire at 297 Woodville Road. FAST team requested from Pawcatuck (CT) FD. One engine and one tanker requested from North Stonington (CT) FD. One engine and one ladder from Westerly (RI) FD.
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    5/11/22: All Hands Box 1542-1704 Church Avenue

    Reported elsewhere: B 41 operated with all hands at 1702 Church Avenue for a fire on the second floor of a three story mixed occupancy building. Could be, if available: E 248, 281, 240, 249 L 147, 113, L 157FT, B 41, 48 D 15 SQ 1 R2
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    5/8/22: Pawcatuck, CT: Two Alarm house fire

    P:awcatuck FD was dispatched to a reported house fire at 18 Manor Street, off Route 2. Police on scene reported fire up the rear wall and possibly in the attic. IC requested a second alarm with an engine and ladder from Westerly, RI. Westerly EMS was dispatched along with a FAST team from Old...
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    5/5/22: Groton, CT- Two Alarm Fire

    City of Groton FD responded to a report of a fire at 257 Thames Street. On dispatch, it was reported that a small fire in the basement had been extinguished by the occupant. Arriving units found fire travelling in the walls of four unit dwelling. Poquonnock Bridge FD, Mystic FD, Sub Base FD...
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    5/5/22: New London, CT- working structure fire

    New London FD responded to a structure fire at the classic Lighthouse Inn. This two story structure had seen two serious fires dating back to 1944, Upon arrival, units found heavy smoke from the roof area. The Inn was being renovated back to its glory days and the restaurant portion was...
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    4/30/22: Stonington, CT- working structure fire

    Stonington Borough FD responded to a reported structure fire at 28 Summit Street. First arriving personnel found an outside fire which extended up the exterior wall of the dwelling. The initial fire had been knocked down by civilians using a garden hose. A booster line was stretched off the...
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    4/29/22: Mystic, CT- working house fire

    Mystic FD responded to a structure fire at 318 Old Evarts Lane on the West Side of Mystic. Arriving units found heavy smoke from a 2 story contemporary wood frame dwelling. Initially a "Box Plus" assignment was requested and this was eventually upgraded to a "first alarm assignment. Crews...
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    3/30/22: New London, CT: FDNY Fireboat at repair facility

    Once again, an FDNY marine company is berthed at a repair facility on the Thames River in New London, CT. Unknown whether "343" or Firefighter II. Separate matter: the original Firefighter is still tied up at the Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT. Times for tours vary.
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    3/30/22: New London, CT: Working structure fire

    New London FD operating at a working structure fire at the intersection of Elm and Rogers Streets. Engine 2 and Ladder 2 first due. Engine 1, Ambulance 200, Ambulance 100. Sub Base FD (FAST) and Groton Ambulance on working fire assignment.
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    3/15/22: Chief Jonas 7th Div. Retiring

    I believe I read on a department order that Chief Jonas of the 7th Division is retiring. We thank him for all of his news notes and safety messages. He will be greatly missed.
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    2/28/22: Groton, CT- Working Hotel Fire

    City of Groton FD responded to a reported structure fire at the Super 8 Motel at 163 Route 12. First arriving units reported smoke showing from the third floor. A full first alarm assignment was transmitted. Fire was located in a room used for storage on the third floor. The bulk of the fire...
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    2/25/22: Gales Ferry (Ledyard), CT- Two Alarm Fire

    Gales Ferry FD responded to a fire in a Pizza shop at 1661 Route 12; a delivery driver noticed smoke from the eaves just after 5 AM. Gales Ferry initited an interior attack on the fire located in the attic and roof area. With other stores in the attached plaza, a second alarm was transmitted...
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    2/21/22: Stonington, CT- Working Structure Fire

    There was a report of a fully involved structure fire in the Wequetequock section of Stonington; the Wequetequock FD was dispatched with a possible address of 53 Stanton Road, off Route 1. Upon arrival, units found a large two story wood frame garage fully involved in fire. The IC immediately...
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    1/31/22: East Lyme, CT- working structure fire

    Report of a two alarm fire in a shopping plaza on Flanders Road, East Lyme: report of a collapse with entrapment. Subase FD FAST responding from Groton. Would be Flanders FD first due, the Niantic FD. Possibly Chesterfield (Montville) and Oswagatchie ( Waterford). @1727: Third alarm...
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    1/13/22: Norwich, CT- Working house fire

    Norwich FD responded to a working kitchen fire on 13th Street in the Greenville Section of Norwich. Mutual aid from Mohegan Tribal FD (FAST) and several Norwich volunteer departments. Seven residents and three pets were displaced due to the fire and resulting smoke. Our own Willy D would have...
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    12/2/21: Working fire- New London, CT

    New London FD operated at a fire at 345 Bank Street, a three story brick stucture. Could be: E 1, E 2, L 2, Ambulance 100, Ambulance 200, Engine 3 Requested an additional truck: L 3. Sub Base FD FAST Groton Ambulance
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    11/18/21: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 1089

    Reported on a different site: B 41 used all hands for a fire at 647 Flatbush Avenue, near Fenimore Street. Fire on the second floor of a four story building, 2 LSO. Could be: E 249, 248, 280 L 113, 132 B 41 if available. Flatbush companies againe.
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    9/3/21: New London, CT- Working house fire

    New London FD responded to a reported kitchen fire at 43 Riverview Avenue. Arriving units found heavy smoke from the first floor and front door. Crews initiated an interior attack. Three residents were displaced by the fire and were relocated by the Red Cross. New London: Engines 1, 3, 2...