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    “Jab Mandate”-Update

    Common sense and collective bargaining contracts prevail over politics. Sad that political leaders don't even care about the people they fired.
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    DC's Vietnam Veterans Memorial damaged, wreath burned 9/21/2022

    Could not agree more. God bless America and especially our Vietnam Veterans.
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    Very sad and tragic. Driver should be locked up for a long time.
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    FDNY Houses scanned from the Ron Mattes Archive

    Great pictures. Thank you.
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    9/13/22 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 0820

    Let's be specific about names. Our site leader has established a site priority to respect privacy and confidentiality of all site members and their families as well as firefighters, fire officers, retirees, dispatchers, EMS personnel, EMTs and first responders. This is particularly important...
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    There are bike lanes in many places which are set apart by barriers - which can cause a truck company a floor on their aerial ladder or tower. Boston has several. And the bike paths are an illusion which offers no real protection for bikers and often encourages dangerous use on high volume and...
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    9/12/2022 Staten Island 10-75 Box 4807

    It's not only about the number of runs. A lot of very critical firehouses would be closed if number of runs were the main criteria.
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    9/12/2022 Staten Island 10-75 Box 4807

    6 mile run for 23 BC and 14 miles for 22 BC.
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    9/12/2022 Staten Island 10-75 Box 4807

    With 87 and 84 not availabe, it is a 6 mile run for L 82 as the 2nd due truck for the Tottenville 10-75 and even longer for a FAST truck. South Shore is going to need another firehouse probably Pleasant Plains area as SS continues to grow.
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    9/11 Tribute Video

    Thank you Tom for posting redication video. RIP FDNY Chaplain Judge.
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    RIP. Prayers for family and friends.
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    September 11th

    Lest we forget all lost on this day, 9-11-01: brothers and sisters who lost their lives as firefighters, police officers, EMTs, medics and passengers on the lost flights at the WTC, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Never forget.
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    September 11th

    Never forget. God bless all who were lost and injured, those who were lost and injured from recovery efforts, their families, and all who serve today to protect others and our nation.
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    Last year, DC Engine 21 honored our site member "Johnny Gage" as well as all who were lost on Sept 11, with a special ceremony at their historic quarters. A flag was flown over quarters and then later presented to him with a picture of the ceremony. Dan was a member of DC Engine 21, an elite...
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    September 11, 2001 - a day we will never forget, events we will never forget, heroes we will never forget. God bless all who perished, all who died from WTC-related illnesses, all who were injured, all who risked their lives to save others that day, all who participated in recovery efforts, all...
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    FDNY/NYPD Second jobs

    Although some FFs and POs still find second jobs or careers in the trades and as security guards, most now find second careers in many other areas. Members have diverse skills, experience, advanced education, degrees, certifications and special interests. Medical, teaching, financial, real...
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    FDNY-War Years clip-2. 1970's. The South Bronx - VIDEO

    You are right. These videos do need to be kept alive. We encourage posting fire-service videos, especially videos that may have had no previous circulation. We also encourage re-posting popular or previously posted videos to share with newer members and guests. It is important to save, share...
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    FDNY-War Years clip-2. 1970's. The South Bronx - VIDEO

    There are hundreds of videos posted on many threads in our History Section, and many other Sections (Videography, Apparatus, General, etc). Unfortunately some of our older posted videos have non- functioning links which we work to update or delete.
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    Firefighters calling on Charlotte Fire Department to clear up confusion on hair policy

    Seems like a simple request. Military organizations, fire departments, police departments - most of these uniformed organizations have grooming policies. These policies are set to present uniformity, morale, public comfort, maintain tradition, comply with equipment standards, safety concerns...
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    Appearance. If it looks too good to be old and used, it is not old and used. Brand new looking front pieces are brand new. You can also ask the seller what the background is. Authentic fronts often have a story that is passed with it. Although many FFs have fronts from different companies...