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  1. Bulldog

    Kennedy Space Center VAB fire

    If the information provided earlier about the call volume is accurate I don't see how they justify keeping it open this long! Obviously we all hate to see a fire station closed but...
  2. Bulldog

    Hurricane Ian

    I agree there isn't much high ground but they could have easily driven them farther inland so they were inundated by the incoming water! 20 miles inland probably would have completely saved them! They should definitely have plans to protect their equipment in every situation! We can "most of...
  3. Bulldog

    Kennedy Space Center VAB fire

    I believe that 2 of the bays have the crawlers in them, one for Artemis and the other for something else. That's how it was when the shuttle were launching, I'm sure they have to keep both crawlers inside when not in use for maintenance considerations.
  4. Bulldog

    Hurricane Ian

    I can't believe that apparatus wasn't moved someplace safe! Like you mentioned into a parking garage or someplace of higher elevation. I don't believe most parking garages have sufficient clearance for the apparatus to get into however! At the very worst case I should've taken inland someplace...
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    I'm also sure they have a lot of money to spend on Narcan but I don't have money to put it where it's really needed!
  6. Bulldog

    Hurricane Ian Response

    Not sure if it's true or not but it certainly sounds like something Hilary would do!
  7. Bulldog

    Manhattan Box 0931. Aprox 11am Barge fire at the sanitation pier

    Looks like Westside Rag must have a British reporter writing for them. Nobody in the states set set the fire departments were "attending" the fire! Makes it sound like you're going to a tea party!
  8. Bulldog

    Robot Firefighting

    As mentioned much earlier in the thread, one was used very successfully in Paris for the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. It went inside the building even though there is a huge possibility of a collapse and it wasn't safe to send firefighters in! From what I've read several different places it's...
  9. Bulldog

    Tesla Megapack battery fire at California substation 9_21_22
  10. Bulldog

    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    It costs $350,000 more than a conventional fire engine! I love the fact that it's on the streets and Hollywood, talk about just showing out to the public!
  11. Bulldog

    Chicago Building Collapse
  12. Bulldog

    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    What approach did Madison take?
  13. Bulldog

    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    The problem with this idea is that unlike your Sprint, these trucks don't have a conventional IC engine, they just have electric motors for the drives. Thus in order to have a fuel tank that it could be switched over to they would have to install another complete drive system in the trucks.
  14. Bulldog

    Super Scoopers

    There are a fantastic piece of equipment and much more effective than helicopters because they carry more water and have a much quicker turnaround from refilling to dropping to refilling etc.! As long as you have a lake in the vicinity they are much better!
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    I wish they had run over that motorcycle that cut in front of them when they were responding! New York has some of the world's worst drivers and bicycles for that matter.
  16. Bulldog

    9/13/22 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 0820

    That's because they got rid a lot of their staff and don't have the photographers or writers to chase things around like they used to!
  17. Bulldog

    Retired NYC employees sue to block new ‘inferior’ Medicare coverage

    They'll be sorry if they get an Advantage plan! They sound great upfront but when you get down to the nitty-gritty there are some huge trade-offs. Why do you think insurance companies are pushing them so hard?
  18. Bulldog


    Are people who go through this program still going to have 2 take the test etc. that others have to to become a firefighter?
  19. Bulldog

    Surprisingly Cheap Electric Fire Truck

    I wonder if they got permission from FDNY for that photochopped advertising photo on the website?
  20. Bulldog

    Li. Ion fires

    While banning them certainly seems extreme it is a major problem that needs a solution. Not only in NYC but everywhere. Banning them is a little over the edge but certainly requiring device designs to be UL approved would be a step in the right direction. It's going to be issued to see what...