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    Cockloft nozzle

    Yea a few engines, like 22 have it on a rack above the portable ladder.
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    Cockloft nozzle

    Here is a picture
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    Cockloft nozzle

    Besides the usual units that carry the cockloft nozzle, like the squads and engine 265, I have noticed other engines carrying what looks like a cockloft nozzle above their hard suctions. Have they expanded this nozzle?
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    Loading up the box

    With Starfire, the ticket used to say “Fill out alarm second source.” Is “loading up the box” the new term on the screen with FireCAD?
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    Li. Ion fires

    How are the lithium ion fires fought differently, and what does hazmat/hazmat tech engine do with them on scene?
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    What does a typical FDNY Battalion Staff consist of

    When the chief goes in the fire building, does the side go with them. And if so, what do they do ?
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    Queens AH 1040

    Phone alarm box 1040 207 beach 11 street. Plainview Ave to Heyson Road Probably E328, 264, 265, L134, 121, BC47 E266 L137F Sq270 RS04 Bc54 Div 13 328- “10-75 the box, kitchen fire.” B47- all handslooks like a peak roof, 3 story attached on the 4 side. BC47- 2 L/s 1 in operation, fires second...
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    E206 area

    What did they get? Mostly class 3’s and EMA runs in those industrial buildings?
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    E206 area

    What is engine 206’s response area ? The seem to have mostly commercial factories
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    3/29/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 8902

    I additional truck L152/155 and 10-41 code 1, heavy fire on arrival with no apparent cause.
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    3/29/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 8902

    I happened to look out my window and saw this, turned on the scanner and heard,” battalion 51, due to the quality and quantity of your calls we are filling out the box.” Then “engine 302 to Queens, 10-75 fire in a garage spreading to an attached private dwelling.”
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    New Seagraves

    It looks like ( pleases correct me if I’m wrong), the 2021 engines, or early 2021 batch of them- come with the little grill lights, and led light bars that are similar to the later Ferrara rear mounts. The newest arrivals, in addition, have an extra small LED by the rear compartment, the top LED...
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    2/4/2022 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm 10-60 Box 3468

    That’s what I thought. Thanks
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    1/3/22 Queens 2nd Alarm 10-77 Box 1361

    Probably will hold
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    New Seagraves

    Anything on 264 and 328?
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    9/10/2021 Queens 10-76 - 2nd Alarm Box 1076

    Yea. Yep. They just passed me on the LIE by Maurice a few minutes ago
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    Covering bosses

    When I buffed with my local engine, back before 9/11, the Lt got hurt on a job. The senior man became the acting officer until someone showed up. They didn’t go out of service.
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    Giving them self defense training.... next thing you’ll here on the news everyone’s mad at EMS for physically defending themselves on a call that was recorded.
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    Firehouses Closed

    212 I think would be needed. Williamsburg greatly expanded since they closed.