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    2001 Seagrave Spare Ladder 4 Responding

    21 Year Old Spare Rig I Caught Responding as Ladder 4's Spare Earlier this week. Always nice hearing the Pa300 Siren.
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    Ladder 22 Rig Accident Info?

    Looking to see if anybody has photos or information relating to what seems to have been an accident involving 22 truck in a spare sometime within the middle of 2021. At the time they were using a 02 Spare Tower Ladder.
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    Oldest FDNY Tower Ladder still in Fleet

    Walk-Around of the Oldest FDNY Tower Ladder still in the fleet. 2001/1999 Seagrave 95' Tower Ladder Ex Ladder 9. Responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 which was severely damaged but was repaired and placed back into service a few short months later. Also did an Emergency Light demo...
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    Last FDNY 1998 Seagrave - Responded to World Trade Center on 9/11 (Ex Engine 33)

    I did a Walkaround of FDNY's Oldest Pumper still in the fleet. This Pumper is a 1998 Seagrave 1000 GPM Pumper that originally belonged to Engine Co. 33 in Manhattan. The Piece was one of the first to arrive on 9/11 & survived the collapse of the North Tower that morning. SP98026 is its number. I...
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    Ladder 24's 2002 Seagrave RM Spare

    Caught Ladder 24 using FSD 2002 Seagrave RM Spare. I understand FSD means Fleet Service Division, is their any reason in particular they received one that's an FSD Piece? From my understanding this 2002 is one of the dozen that were refurbished 2ish years ago. No rust or diamond plating on the...
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    Collapse Rescue Rigs

    I caught Rescue 5 with collapse Rescue the other day, any idea if those collapse rescue rigs are due for replacement soon?
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    1992 Mack MR/Saulsbury Foam Tender 238

    Made this video, did a Walkaround of the foam tender since theirs not to many of the unit itself out there. Unsure how much longer this rig will be around. Enjoy!
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    Very Last E-One Heavy Rescue Spare

    Caught Rescue 1 the other day using SR02003 (Ex Rescue 3) 2002 E-One Cyclone/Saulsbury. I believe it’s the very last. E-One Rescue in the FDNY’s fleet. R2’s E-One is with another department, R5 & 4s we’re sold off a few months ago and I read somewhere R1’s caught fire.