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  1. pefroymson

    EMS chiefs/ Fire Chiefs

    I am assuming the EMS chiefs stay in their own lane so to speak, or do they? Are there Chiefs that have moved from EMS to Suppression? Are EMS chiefs on the rotation for the after hours duty Chief on the Suppression side?
  2. pefroymson

    Battalion Chief to Company ratio / Jobs

    I looked around and could not find the answer to this so here is the question How many companies does a BC supervise? Is it operational and administrative or just operational? It has been my experience that a BC USUALLY supervises 5-to 7 companies or 5 stations. My BC made the rounds once a...
  3. pefroymson


    My understanding is ESU is trained in high angle rope rescue. As with the window washer incident recently would ESU assist FDNY, vis-versa or not at all in a job like that? I am aware of the delegation of authority after 9-11, just wondering
  4. pefroymson

    Covid EMS calls and volunteer ambulances

    Are any of the "94" units from the volunteer groups assisting with calls.  If memory serves, they all got taken off the CAD some years ago.
  5. pefroymson

    AMR ambulances deployed to NYC

    I have herd from the interweb 500 ambulances have been deployed to NYC via FEMA. AMR would be the only company I can think of that could fill such a order Any truth to it? Also a clarification question.  I asked before this all started about number of ambulances on the street at a given time...
  6. pefroymson


    Ok Ill preface this by saying it may have been answered before, but here goes. Was listening to a multiple alarm in the Bronx last week and the feed on the "all borough" feed was better than the one dedicated to the Bronx.  I get the whole thing about the narrow banding, power reduction etc. ...
  7. pefroymson

    Sutphen apparatus

    It appears that FDNY evaluated Sutphen aerial towers.  With the integrated ladder, I wondered why FDNY went with AierialScope.  was it just because of Mack apparatus or something else?  they had both been in the business a long time,  I was just curious....
  8. pefroymson

    FDNY Mutual/Auto Aid

    Does FDNY have Auto Aid agreements with surrounding agencies besides the Port Authority? Does FDNY have Standing Mutual Aid Agreements with Volunteer Fire Departments outside city limits? Is there a Engine/Ladder that responds out of the city on a regular basis to aid other depts.? 
  9. pefroymson

    Hatlozah in Los Angeles