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    West Coast Travels

    I thought I would share some photos from some of my excursions out west. I primarily go to Southern California, around the LA Basin, as it's called. Here's stuff from travels over the past 9 or 10 years. All Photos By Me. I'll start off with the Emergency! Stuff..Heh Heh.. Fire Station 127...
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    Passing of Richard Stiller, aka Dadbo46

    I was called today by my sister who advised me of the passing of Ex- Lake Carmel FD(Putnam County, NY) Chief, and former Mt. Vernon volunteer firefighter Richard Stiller. If any of you are members of EMTBravo, you knew him from there, and here as well, as dadbo46. He was a friend of mine, and my...
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    Alarm Boxes, is it time to get rid of them??

    The FDNY and the former FDNY Commissioner seem to think so. Thanks, Tom. @#$%##@!!!!
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    Street to be named after late FDNY Supervising Dispatcher I was honored to work for and with DOC for a number of years. The ceremony is at 1100 tomorrow at the Bronx CO on East 180th Street and Bronx Park Avenue.
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    So what was the final tally??

    Between Thursday and today, how many jobs has the city had?? I lost count after the all hands in the Sanitation Garage in Harlem and the 2nd Alarm in College Point at the Waldbaums. I had at least 4 on the day tour alone on Thursday in Manhattan, and a couple of 2 and 2 boxes that coulda gone...
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    Happy Birthday FD347!!!

    All the best and many more, my friend.