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    Limited accesses highway

    Good afternoon, what is the response for FDNY regarding highways and incidents on limited accesses highways? For fires does one engine stay off the highway to tag a hydrant? Thanks and Happy Labor day weekend
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    FDNY and bordering suburbs

    Good evening, anyone on here ever work in an area of NYC the borders the suburbs? In those areas do FDNY apparatuses carry hydrant wrenches and fittings for that suburb incase they get there first? Finally in the areas I mentioned how often do FDNY and the suburban FD get dispatched to the same...
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    High-rise elevator operations

    Good evening, With the FDNY who is usually assigned the "Otis" or elevator operator position on high rises fires? With CFD it's the driver off either the the third or second truck. Thanks.
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    FDNY apparatus placement

    Good evening, what is the typical placement of apparatuses for the FDNY on a fire scene? I know with CFD the first in engine pulls past the fire building to leave room for the first in truck. The first in truck "owns" the front of the building to get the main to the roof. The Second in engine...
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    Macy's thanksgiving day parade communications

    Good evening, What channels do FDNY and NYPD use for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and other similar events? In Chicago CPD uses either Citywide 5 or 6 sometimes both, CFD uses Joint Ops, City Wide Fire and Fireground. Thanks
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    FDNY/NYPD Second jobs

    Hello what are some of the common second jobs for FDNY/NYPD? In the Chicago area many CPD officers work security at Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, Solider Field, and the United Center. Many CFD firefighters and paramedics also work as EMT's and Paramedics at these same venues. Is this also common...
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    Other agencies on NYPD/FDYN's radio systems

    Good evening, do other agencies such as the Port Authority, Railroad Police, or Campus Police have accesses to NYPD or FDNY radio channels? Thanks.
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    Media on Fire Scene

    Hello, anyone on here ever had to deal with the media on Fire Scenes? If so are the respectful of boundaries/knowing to talk to a chief? Finally how common is to have the PD ask/tell them to move? Thanks
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    FDNY radios with Coast Guard Channels

    Hello, Do FDNY radios have Coast Guard Channels in them? If so which ones, and do FDNY and NYPD have a good relationship with the Coast Guard? Thnaks.
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    Subway response question

    When FDNY responds to incidents on the subway does the Battalion chief request a "secondary hold" on the power? I know that in Chicago when CFD responds to incidents on the L the BC requests a secondary hold. Thanks.
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    Firehouses in High Crime neighborhoods

    What are some of the reasons why firehouses that cover high crime neighborhoods tens to be busy? Also at least where I live in the Chicago area, the CFD houses the covered the high rise projects when they were up were busy? Thanks.
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    Police in ER's

    Hello, how common would you all say it is to see Police officer's at hospital ER's? What are some of the more common reasons that you would you that cop's are often at ER's? Thanks.
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    Railroad Police

    Good afternoon and Happy 4th of July, Has anyone on here had any dealings with Railroad Police such as MTA, Amtrak, CSX, or Norfolk Southern? If so when? Thanks.