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    What is the normal assignment for a person hit by or pinned under a train or a subway train?

    I would imagine that for a person pinned under a train that at a minimum a Ladder , and a Rescue or perhaps a Squad would be dispatched or maybe both. Does anyone have more specific information on the dispatch policy for a person hit by a train. Are there any Engines due for manpower purposes...
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    Is the FLY Car program still operating?

    I understand that during the height of the Pandemic the Fly Car program was suspended as they needed more transporting Ambulances on the streets. I had read that it was supposed to be temporary , so have they brought the Fly Car program back since then and are they still replacing the ALS...
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    During August 2019 Bronto and E/One were demonstrating a 200 foot plus Aerial Platform in NYC is there a thread here about it?

    Some of you may know that there was a 200 plus foot Aerial Platform that was being demonstrated during August of 2019 in Manhattan by Bronto and E/One however I haven't been able to find a thread about that apparatus on this site. Is there such a thread on this site about the Extra Tall Aerial...
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    Specific Questions as to current Fly Car Operations and Deployment

    I have been attempting to follow up on and keep track of how New York's current Fly Car program is operating. I know that the current program started in 2016 and became official in 2017 so here are my questions. 1 Are there still only 10 Fly Cars that are assigned to the Bronx or have they been...
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    The Reason Why Ladder Companies are not CFRD first responders?

    Back in the mid 1990's when the CFRD first responder program was begun the Ladder companies were supposed to be trained and used as EMS first responders just as the Engines respond, however because of a demand for extra pay or compensation the Ladder companies were not made part of the CFRD...
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    Ladder Companies on EMS runs?

    I know that when New York City began the CFRD program in the mid 1990's the Ladder companies were supposed to be trained and go out on EMS runs as first responders like the Engines do, however because of a dispute regarding "extra pay or compensation" the Ladder company first responder program...