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    OT averages

    anyone know how they set up the allowed averages for overtime? do they go by division , then battalion and then by how much each member worked compared to others who have'nt, and by the amount of members in each battalion.  it doesnt make sense thay manhatten is allowed so much while the bronx...
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    september 11 2001 response rundown

    does anyone have the official fdny response rundown for September 11, 2001 or have a page where it can be viewed thanks square
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    yonkers fd

    does anyone have info on the yonkers f.d.?  there sched, there rigs, manpower, how they ride, there first due areas, type of calls, type of firehouses, major fires and just overall interesting info on on the yonkers f.d.  was looking at there website but was wondering if anyone has buffed them...
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    officer openings DIV 6 + 7 some good spots for LT's
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    new fdny firehouse closings

    Companies closing list E-4  E-21  E-46  E-71  E-83    E-161  E-205  E-234  E-258  E-271    E-290 L-38  L-53  L-119  L-160  L-176  squad  252 moving to spring creek there are some preeety good shops on this list real busy houses woith alot of pride bloomberg has a tough job but...
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    9/11 bravest

    god bless all the brothers that died that horrible day you will always be nyc heroes
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    short shorts

    word is that the dept does not want us to wear our work duty shorts at metro wreck or at the rock anymore.  is it that out legs are too hairy or maybe too white. i also sae our shorts on sale on e-bay can you believe this crap! what weirdo would want to wear these shorts if not at the firehouse?  ;)
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    bronx box changes

    the bronx is going to use a pilot program that was used in s.i.  and many companies 1st due boxes are going to chnage with the advent of this mapping gps system. any of you guys losing any 1st due boxes?