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    Congrats to Kevin Lunny will be FIRE MARSHALS Representative on Executive Board for the UFA starting August 1st 2022.
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    7/30/2022 Water Rescue Box 1424

    Beach 135 St. (L137 has rescue swimmer deployed w/rescue board.......paddleboarder in distress) E268 E329 E265 L137 L121 SQ270 R4 M3 M9 B47 Marine Bn, Rescue Bn, Safety Bn TAC2
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    7/30/2022 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 0856

    429 Bainbridge St Fire 1st FL 4 Story 25x50 Maybe E233 SQ252 E222 E227 L176 L111 L112F SQ 1 R2 B37 B44 D15
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    7/9/2022 Queens All Hands Box 5379

    118-49 197th Street (fire in PD) E317 E275 E311 L165 L133 B54
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Bi' go maith agus go bra"ch.
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    3/16/2022 Queens All Hands Box 4838

    150-28 87 Avenue- Fire PD maybe: E298 E315 E303 L127 L125 B50 bout 2 blocks behind Hurricanes qtrs.
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    3/02/22 Queens All Hands Box 7712

    25-08 Humphreys St. (PD basement) E316 E307 E289 L154 L138 B49
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    2/13/22 Queens All Hands Box 4723

    109-16 115th Street (fire in PD) maybe: E308 E285 E294 L142 L126 B51
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    NYPD Officer Funeral

    RIP to our Brother in Blue today. Never Forget.
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    1/16/2022 Queens All Hands Box 6053

    101-04 Liberty Ave. E285 E308 E293 L142 L143 B51 Blazing Saddles 1st due. Right around block.
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    12/13/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0843

    1945 Broadway (Fire 2fl MD) Maybe E233 E332 E231 L176 L175 B44 (UC 01:34)
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    12/9/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1386

    198 Conover St (Fire in MD) E202 E279 E224 L101 L131 B32
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    12/08/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1737

    509 Liberty Ave E332 E231 E236 L175 L120 B44 Around corner 332/175
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    12/5/2021Queens All Hands Box 5270

    120--11 109th Avenue Fire in MD E308 E285 E294 L142 L143 B51 Right down block of E308/B51 qtrs
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    11/16/2021 Queens All Hands Box 8554

    89-48 89 Street Fire PD 1st FL E293 E294 E285 L143 L142 B51
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    11/11/2021 Manhattan Box 0485

    325 1st Avenue (commercial) UC maybe E5 E14 E16 L3 L7 B6
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    10/22/2021 Queens AH Box 4810

    89-04 171 Street Rubbish fire next to location E298 E303 E275 L127 L126 B50
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    10/15/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0763

    396 Bleeker St. Fire in PD Maybe; E271 E277 E218 L124 L112 B28 Close to 271/124 B28 qtrs
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    10/13/2021 Brooklyn AH Box 2471

    1137 Coney Island Ave School 2Fl Maybe; E250 E281 E255 L147 L157 B41
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    10/4/2021 Bklyn All Hands Box 0159

    29 Kingsland Avenue Fire in walls E206 E229 E237 E216 L146 L108 L106F SQ 252 R2 B28 B35