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    Manhasset-Lakeville 09-25-2022

    Units on scene at 9 Cherrywood Lane Chief on scene advising of fire throughout a 1 story private dwelling. mutual aid from Port Washington Great neck Roslyn Plandome
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    9/10/22 Queens All Hands Box 5849

    Outside rubbish that extended?
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    FDNY and bordering suburbs

    Nassau county does an exercise annually with the fdny. It’s called a mobex drill usually 5 engines and 5 trucks respond to a multi unit drill site in nyc (usually close to the Nassau queens border) and operate together on some level. Also Nassau fire Marshall’s office has city boxes of adaptors...
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    6/18/2022 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3295

    I don’t think 321 has any first due boxes with 169. So unless someone was out probably 153
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    3/13/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3087

    We’re 309/159 on another box prior?
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    First due All Hands Statistics 2021

    Does it only include first due response area work or does it take into account any job a company got into 1st due? Ie relocation work or if other units are OOS.