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    Nostalgia . . . Just For Willy . . .

    I worked on both those rigs. Both were disposed of around 1995/1996. The ALF tiller was replaced by a Simon Duplex/LTI tower ladder, and the 1962 Seagrave was replaced by a 1970 Seagrave rear mount that at one time was Ladder 109 in Brooklyn. It’s sad to see ladder 2 in such a condition
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    6/6/21: Norwich, CT - 2 Alarm structure fire

    A lot of fire to pull up to only having 12 personnel plus a battalion chief. The original fire building I believe was a two and a half wood frame multi family. This is a typical fire for Norwich and exposures and overhead wires always are a issue. But as always the Norwich brothers and sisters...
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    News of Members

    He needs all the help he can get
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    News of Members

    Thank you so much
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    News of Members

    I might have heard “ The chow is fine !! “ once or twice
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    News of Members

    Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure to work with Uncle Wilfred for all those years in Norwich