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  1. ScottBerliner

    9/12/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1502

    147, 122, 113F, 157
  2. ScottBerliner

    4/1/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3393

    Ladder 103 and Tower Ladder 105 also on scene as additional trucks.
  3. ScottBerliner

    1/11/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3672

    Yes. They were on scene as well.
  4. ScottBerliner

    6/19/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3614

    276 4th due. 169 2nd due coming off another box.
  5. ScottBerliner

    5/16/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3661

    Gerrittsen Beach Vollies first due.
  6. ScottBerliner

    5/15/21 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3686

    E276 4th due.
  7. ScottBerliner

    4/27/21 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 3958

    169 wasn’t there. Add 172.
  8. ScottBerliner

    4/24/21 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 8480

    West Hamilton Beach Vollies and Gerrittsen Beach Vollies also responded.
  9. ScottBerliner

    4/22/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3213

    276 wasn't on scene. 330 was there. Also, Gerrittsen Beach Vollies responded.
  10. ScottBerliner

    Gerrittsen Beach Vollies New ambulance Dedication.

    The Gerrittsen Beach Vollies are having a dedication ceremony for their newly delivered ambulance, being held next Sunday November 10th.
  11. ScottBerliner

    Challenge Coins

    Does anyone know which firehouses currently have challenge coins for sale?
  12. ScottBerliner

    1/27/17 - All-Hands Box 3676

    All Hands - Box 3676  Large area of Brush Gerritsen Avenue & Everett Avenue 1/27/17 - 2255hrs 321-309-254 159-153 Bn33- BFU6 GBFD
  13. ScottBerliner

    New SSL/CPC 2nd Pieces.

    These have been delivered and am told they are the new 2nd pieces awaiting assignment.
  14. ScottBerliner

    ALL-Hands Box 4527 9/27/14

    AllHands Box 4527 135 Ellis Street Fire in a confined space of a Tugboat. 151-164-168-167-159SAT- 160(RC05) 76-84-87f 79SOC 86COLDWATER B23-B22-DC08 Rs05-RS02-SQ01-SQ252 HM01-E250HM MR06-MR08-MR09A-MR09-MRBATT RB01-SB01-HB01 FC01 SOC LOGISTICS
  15. ScottBerliner

    Tower Ladder 105

    Tower Ladder 105 received their new rig last week.
  16. ScottBerliner

    E284-TL149 Centennial

    Engine 284 and Tower Ladder 149 will be having their centennial celebration, this Thursday April 10th at 11am.  I am thinking about going. Is anyone else going also?
  17. ScottBerliner

    Any active FDNY members here?

    Hi All, Sorry if this post offends anyone in anyway. I am a huge fdny buff of over 20 years(cannot take the test due to physical disabilities) and have many friends who share the same interests in the fire service as I do. I am wondering if there are any fdny members on here that would be...
  18. ScottBerliner

    NYC Marathon

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know what procedures and protocols that are in effect for the marathon today? Any reserve units manned, etc? Thanks
  19. ScottBerliner

    New Chief Rigs

    A shot I got of the new Battalion 44 today. FDNY Battalion 44's New Rig