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    Housewatch areas

    The worst part of house watch was when you were in the cellar at 4 AM stoking the coal furnace and a response came over the bells or even worse, three rings on the telephone and you were nowhere near it.
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    11/3/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3080

    I remember a job on Jefferson Ave. in Bushwick years ago. There was one line stretched and the company was making a push on reports of residents trapped. I was the chauffeur and was busy getting additional lines into operation when a car, which was parked well closer than the legal 15 feet from...
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    "Lemon" Equipment Assignments

    Prior to the mid seventies the new apparatus was given to the busiest units and their used rigs were passed down to the slower units. I think that all units in the city now receive new apparatus that is replaced in about 10 years, in accordance with the officers union contract.
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    Very 1st tour,

    Most members from the bell era knew most of the first alarm box numbers that the units were assigned to. I remember coming off the 12 by 3 early morning housewatch and while laying in bed a box would come in over the bells. Most of our first alarm boxes were 6 and 7 hundred numbered. If the...
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    10/7/2022 Brooklyn All Hands - Under Control Box 0160

    That is if the Metropolitan Ave. drawbridge is down.
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    9/13/22 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 0820

    We used to carry 2 hooks on our apparatus for use if we were ordered to stretch a line into the exposure. This was before all of the extra units were assigned on the 10-75. Not that it did much good. By 1977 the firehouse was the only building left on our square block. It's tough to stay ahead...
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    Understanding NYC addresses

    Most even numbered streets run east. E and E
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    Understanding NYC addresses

    We used to respond to Myrtle and Central Avenues in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Myrtle and Central Avenues in Glendale, Queens. They were a few miles apart. Two different Central Avenues!!
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    The FDNY CF Mack: pure genius!

    The 75s were the first with power steering.
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    It must be a long time for Engine 299 to arrive at Engine 260 in order to pick up the apparatus. The Long Island Expressway is horrible, especially in the AM rush hours.
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    We used to respond certain expensive apartments but not very often.
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    Where was Patrol # 1?
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    Shift change question

    I only remember relieving at jobs. We were on the Staten Island Box that came in every morning in the spring and fall. On some days the day crew would be held on the island and we would get in a car and relieve them. They would get back to Bed Sty after 8 PM with no overtime. I remember my...
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    Oxnard, CA Fire Station Hit by Gunfire 6/13/22 - 16 Other US City Firehouses Recently Hit by Gunfire

    You can add The House of Pain on Knickerbocker Ave. numerous times in the 1970s, the worst when they chased a local into the apparatus floor and ruined a row of boots sitting on the rack.
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    Eddie was a lieutenant in Ladder 112 in the 70s. His brother was also in the truck as well as a father son combination.
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    5/26/2022 Queens All Hands - Under Control Box 4034

    Either 291 or 218 are probably 3rd due.
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    5/23/22 Queens 10-75 Box 4177

    That was also about the time that they introduced the computer assist dispatch which figured in a time delay between Brooklyn and Queens. Engine 277 was on the second alarm at Wycoff and Putnam while Engines 291,286 and 288 were on the initial alarm. Capt, do you remember Engine 319 responding...
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    Squad Support Truck

    Is the firefighter assigned with the TAC unit full or light duty?
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    It was a tag team. I would drop him off on Jefferson Ave and Larry on 68 Ave.
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    Engine 215 was also disbanded, basically on their way to their new quarters.