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    FDNY Ops Guide

    Good question. Can't wait for the new one! Any and every FDNY Buff should own this guide! I have learned sooo much from it. I read it from cover to cover then keep it nearby for reference.
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    1/24/22 Baltimore MD 2nd Alarm w/ Maydays - 3 BCFD LODDs - RIP

    2 firefighters from E14 & a Lt from L23
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    Queens Dispatch

    Haven't been able to find Queens Dispatch on my scanner app or Broadcastify. It's important to me because my daughter lives in Astoria. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks guys!!
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    Nice write up!
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    You may want to look up the definition of communism. It's much, much worse than encrypted radios!!
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    FYI: Analog vs Digital has nothing to do with encryption. Both can be encrypted.
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    Those community groups that are concerned with 'police misconduct' should bring this issue to the publics attention and argue that 'secret police radio transmissions' fly in the face of accountability and openness. I think that is a legit argument.
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    11/7/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1574

    Doesn't the All Hands require an additional 1 & 1?
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    11/5/21 Queens 10-75 Box 8005

    And in December the Dept of Corrections will have the vaccine mandate forced upon them. That will be a disaster and huge unnecessary danger for COs.
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    COVID closings

    So what's the end game with all this? Do firefighters stay on unpaid leave indefinitely?until the city fires them? until the mayor relents? Truly hope this doesn't cause any hard feelings between guys who got the shot and had to work short handed, extensive ot, cancelled vacations, possibly...
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    COVID closings

    These companies are closed and many, many more are running w/o their full staffing just to stay in service.
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    Covid Vaccine mandate

    FoxNews article reported 10 companies were placed out of service Friday because of what the brass called 'sick out'. Commissioner Nigro quoted as saying the loss of 10 companies puts public safety at risk! Okay Mr. Nigro, and how about when the vaccine mandate closes 20% of companies and...
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    Rescue 1

    Highly doubtful.
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    Covid Vaccine mandate

    ABC7 reports that city officials believe a "job action" may be under way this Friday evening as there have been a lot of members calling off sick. (Remember the uptick in illness could be side effects of the vaccine they mandated!) Some companies have had to close and others are running short...
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    Rescue 1

    My local volunteer fire company last year took delivery of a $1+ million Seagrave heavy rescue with a Hackney body.
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    Covid Vaccine mandate

    He looks like one of the Alphabet People!
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    Favorite dispatchers

    Both Warren Fuchs and tree tree oh "the beefman" have both been guests on the podcast "Gettin' Salty Experience" which is hosted by 2 retired members from Squad 288. Check it out on YouTube. You'll see interviews with some of the biggest names from the FDNY. I personally love the podcast and...
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    London Fire Brigade 209Ft Tower Ladder

    It takes a bit extra time to put into service, but doubling the height is pretty impressive. May not be needed frequently, but when it is it could be a life saver! One more arrow in the LFB's quiver!!
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    For all the fans of KME...........

    Boy I hate to see skilled jobs leaving g these towns. The impact is substantial on these smaller communities. Good luck to all.
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    New Seagraves

    Manufacturers are constantly upgrad I ng technology in warning light and discontinue older and less popular units pretty quickly, so what was available a few years ago may be discontinued.