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    Numbers on apparatus

    Just a quick question about the numbers on the doors of various trucks. I've noticed that some company's numbers have a different color than White on their trucks. E-23, E-96, TL-58, L-10 to name a few. On my Dept. we are not authorized to change from the large, White, reflective numbers as they...
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    New style buckets on Aerialscopes

    Does anyone know why Seagrave/Baker changed the bucket design some years ago from the boom attaching to the rear of the bucket to attaching under? Was there a problem with the ''old style'' design?. Do the FFer's using them have a preference? I think that they look a little funny when they are...
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    Aparatus numbers

    Just a question out of curiosity. Why are some companies numbered with similar numbers for a different borough? Examples would be: Ladders 17,19, 27 are in the Bronx instead of Manhattan. Engines 54,55, 65,74,95, etc all have Bronx type numbers, but are located in Manhattan. There are no Engines...