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    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20 Live Feed.
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    Mastic Beach, Suffolk County L.I. NY Quadruple Fatal House Fire 10/11/13

    TOA 22:15 Multiple Calls Recived For A House Fire With 5 Occupants Trapped. Mastic Beach FD 16 Hollywood Drive (Shirley NY Address) 13-35 Working Fire 1 Story Ranch Heavy Fire On Arrival. Brookhaven FD - RIT Arson Priority 1 (Highest Priority For Arson) Mother and 3 Children Pulled Out...
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    4/30/12 Queens- 2nd Alarm Box 5435

    220-01 Hempstead Ave 0316 Hours Fire in a 3 story Mixed Occupancy 304/162 First Due FOS Photos
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    E313 on Long Island

    does anyone know why 313 was in Malverne/Valley Stream yesterday??
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    Valley Stream NY 2nd Alarm IHOP 1/8/11

    Call came in at 6:30am as unknown type fire in the vicinity...chief got on scene and transmitted a signal 10 (working fire) at 180 Sunrise Highway IHOP engines tried to make a push upstairs but there was a steel door on the second floor that prevented them from making a push. crews were pulled...
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    Anyone hear from New England??

    If anyone one is a member of a New England FD hear is a brand new website for you! based off NassauFDRant and SuffolkFDRant