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    FDNY Forestry hose

    What brand do they use for their forestry lines, and what kind of butts are they, FDNY or NST?
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    Brooklyn All Hands On Arrival Box 1006

    Battalion 38 Box 1006 All hands on arrival fire on the 1st of a 7 story 100x150 L113 FAST
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    Audio from Port Mobil

    Is there any audio from the Port Mobil Fire?
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    3-3 588

    Box 588 Fire in a Church Shermhorn st at 3rd street 3rd alarm assigment 280 235 220 230 TL 105 TL1 L11 acting 132
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    Box 1283 A/H 6/15/10

    Brooklyn Box 1283 285 17th Street right off of 7th ave Engine 220 239 Ladders 122 131 Brooklyn informed that they were getting numerous phone calls so they gave 4 +2 Rescue 2 Squad 1 Engine 279 240 220 transmited a 10-75 shortly after There was a decent fire condition in the Exposure 1 wall...
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    Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1261

    Started out as a report of a manhole fire on the corner of 2nd street and 7th ave. Ladder 122 showed up and asked for a 10-7 for nothing showing. At the same time 1261 was transmitted for a AFA at a Church on 2nd street and 6th ave. Brooklyn advise the compaines to head to 6th ave. Engines 239...
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    Suprise Suprise The mayor has reversed his decision to cut almost 900 cops, stating that although these positions will be saved other agencies will have to suffer. I wonder how much more fire companies he wants to cut now.  >:(  >:(  >:(
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    Brookyln women under train

    At about 4:58 Engine 239 and Ladder 122 were sent for a "man under" at the 7th ave 9th street station. They found a women under the train and began getting her out. Squad 1 responded and brought there Stokes basket along with cribbing. Rescue 2 arrived shortly their after and did the same. See...
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    Brooklyn Box 1261(I believe) Time: 00:15 Rundown E220, 239, 279, 219 on numerous phone calls with reports of kids trapped. L 122, 131 Batt 48 Rescue 2 Squad 1 All Hands: extra engine and truck E 240 L 101 If anyone has the audio types. I would love to hear it again! A complete rundown with be...
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    Happy New Year

    Wishing every one a Happy and Healthy New Year...stay safe out there Brothers.
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    Whats with Bio Pod?

    Whats up with all the units going to and from Staten Island, for the Bio Pod?  ???
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    Major accident?

    All I have its a Major accident in the 8th Division in Brooklyn. Any one got more info?
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    Over turned car with pin

    2 people trapped 13th ave and 76 st. Battalion 42 advised car flipped with two ocuppents inside. One adult and one child. They were removed.
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    10-75 Nevins Street

    3-9-09 Nevins Street 10-75 Fire in a 1 story taxpayer Extra Engine and Truck. Possible rundown 226 239 279 219 105 131 Fast Truck was 101 Extra Engine was 202 Extra Truck 122 any more information?
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    Unsual EMS call...

    The duty captain was responding on brooklyn...something about conditions at 221 quaters and one have info.
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    Jumper of Brooklyn Brigde

    Last Night at about 23:30 there was a confairmed jumper of the bridge...E224 E205 E207 L118 L110 Battalion 31 Marine 6 Rescue 4 due to Rescue 2 operating at the all hands. FD was onscene for about an 45 mins to an hour. Didnt find the victim so they made it a 10-91 with PD operating and lookin...
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    2nd alarm Queens

    10-66 Mayday transimetted 2nd alarm any info?
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    Man hit By train

    Battalion 49 responded with Rescue 4 to a man under the train. Battalion 49 arrived and found a man who was surfing a train laying on the platform. 49 used 1 and 1 with Rescue 4. Patient was confirmed DOA. 49 requsted a 10-37 code 1.
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    SCBA Question

    I am looking for a used Scott SCBA in good working condition. There is this firefighting program in WV over the summer that i would like to attend but you need to bring your on gear. Can anyone please help me out. Thanks in advance!
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    2nd alarm Box 3834

    Brooklyn,  N. Y.  03/26/08  @  05:45 hrs. Red  Hook  Section Box  3834 address:              753  Hicks  St.  x  Mill  St. 3834  @  05:40 Engs.  279,  202 T. Lad.  131,  Lad.  101 Batt.  32 10 ? 75 ? 3834  @  05:44 Ladder  122  is  designated  as  the  ?FAST?  Truck Engs.  239, ...