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    Bravest BBQ Good cause and a great Honoree.
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    Great Irish Fair Congratulations to Reagan Murphy (Collleen Quinn) and Daniel Murphy (Capt. Timmy Stackpole Award) Reagan was the daughter of Ff. Joe Murphy, L156 R.I.P. Well known Firefighter, Pipe Band and Marine. God Bless!
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    FDNY Promotions Anyone have a posted list. Dept Order not up yet
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    Old story Every once in while some Politician or Bean counter who has done nothing on their worthless life tries to make themselves important. This is an old try to discredit the work and service FD’s do for the people . In my one little contribution to their...
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    Big Jim Big Jim was an aptly named nickname for he was truly a Bigger than life member of the FDNY.
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    The state of Volunteer Fire Companies This may not make national news but it’s happening around the nation. I live in this community and have...
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    Robot Firefighting

    Something I found, wonder if other cities have similar robots for firefighting.
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    Doxxing of First Responders

    I guess it’s needed, too much information out there.
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    New Proby class 3/9/2022
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    NYPD LODD This has to stop. New York to LA where is the justice for those who protect us. God Bless and pray for the other Officer
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    COVID closings

    Does anyone have a daily listing of Company closings during this Mandate, I have 10/29 9x6. Manhattan E-1, 24 Bronx E-42,73,92 and Sq 41 S.I. E-157, Lad-79,83 Brooklyn E-216, L 106
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    Harry Gillen another legend gone.

    With regret I learned from L-131 (Happy Hookers) of the passing of Senior Man Harry Gillen. Harry spent 40+ years at 131 and was awarded the Title Delegate Emeritus by the UFA. He was the man everyone went to for advice and a experience. Too many stories to tell on this site but when you go...
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    Waldbaum’s Fire

    Today is the 42nd. Memorial Day of the fire, least we forget. I remember it clearly, I didn’t know any of the Six Brothers but this was the day that hit me hard. My wife and I were getting away for a quick vacation after the birth of my son. My mother was babysitting as we returned home she...