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    Ponder this....

    As you all know brand names and logos that have been in use for decades, years and maybe more are being removed as they are deemed disparaging. Certain words are facing the same demise. The most recent one is "Master" as in "Master Suite, Master Bath, "Gravy Master" and so on. My question is...
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    5/19/2020 Box 9611

    I believe there was a 10-75 around noon today at Box 9611. I didn't catch any info but I heard E301 relocating to E294 and 140 truck relocating to L143. Sorry, I have no further.
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    Exit Numbers

    Perhaps the FDNY dispatchers on this site would be able to shed some light on this question. I have been out of the main loop, so to speak, for a good while and I notice that highway runs are now dispatched over the air with exit numbers rather than street locations. For example, 'Grand Central...
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    1954 Mack "L" 1000 gallon pumper

    Hi gents, does anyone know where I can find a photo of this rig on this site? I know it's here somewhere but now I'm cross eyed from trying to find one. Thanks in advance my friends.
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    Happy Father's Day To All. Be safe, be well and enjoy!
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    Just heard on the car radio that Boston has several multiples going on simultaneously and one of them is a 6th alarm.
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    My wife and I were driving on Pa. Rte. 100 this afternoon, a two lane road, when what do I see but a Crown open cab pumper coming northbound. I haven't seen one of those rigs since Roy and Johnny left Station 51, in repeats anyway. There was only one man on the rig and in the brief moment I had...
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    Happy to report that we got our electric and cable back last night at about 2100. We were out since last Friday. It just started snowing again and the winds are picking up now so lets see how long the electric holds on. Glad to be back here, if only for a short time.
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    Today, 1/13/18

    Anyone have any info on something involving FD & PD at 79th & Myrtle in Glendale. I tried to listen to Queens on Broadcastify and was greeted with the usual static.
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    Tax Bill Problem

    I received this e-mail this afternoon from AFSCME and wanted to pass it along. Whether or not you are a recipient of a "public pension" I think it would be beneficial if everyone called. Here is the message..."The tax bill being debated by Congress may lead to cuts to public pensions! Your...
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    Checking On Members

    Haven't seen EFD274 or KFD 274 posting here for a while. I hope all is well with you gentlemen. I miss our "Flushing" conversations.
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    Flushing, Queens

    have a question for all of you 'senior' Queens people. To start, I was attempting to explain to my daughter what the corner(s) of Northern Blvd. and Union Street were like when I was a kid. I seem to remember as follows; N/E corner was and is Flushing High School, N/W corner was a Texaco gas...
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    EMT's Rundown

    According to channel 7, ABC-New York, 2 FDNY EMT's were rundown by their ambulance as it was being stolen in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Through another source, unconfirmed, bot members were transported to Jacobi Hospital in traumatic arrest. My prayers are with them.
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    I saw a bit on the local TV news last night regarding Sutphen Apparatus. They have opened "Sutphen East" in Wayne County, Pa. on state route 191 just north of I-84. It was reported that chassis will be brought to this facility from their Ohio plant and custom apparatus will be finished here in...
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    Queens Audio

    Has anyone noticed the large amount of static on the Queens frequency. I receive the other boroughs clear but Queens is not quite heard due to the aforementioned static.
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    Queens 10-75

    Anything on a 10-75 at 174-02 Horace Harding Expwy. at a gas station? That would be practically behind 299/152 quarters. I don't have any audio at the moment on my computer.
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    July 4th, 2016

    A Happy And Safe 4th To All!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
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    A Happy & Safe Father's Day

    To all of my friends here, I wish you a Happy & Safe Father's Day. God Bless You.
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    An Oldie, But A Goodie

    No I'm not referring to a record, however I just heard the Queens dispatcher give the time and then the infamous "KEB 526, Queens Radio, Dispatcher xxx." How long has it been since that was broadcast faithfully at the top of the hour?
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    Where is E286 hanging out now that their quarters are under renovation? I know 135 is in with 319 but I wondered if 286 went to 271 or 277.