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  1. Bulldog

    Interesting rescue scenario in Maryland 11/27

    Plane hanging in powerlines Another article from Fox News
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    Major midair crash at Wings Over Dallas 11_12_22

    Developing story, a B-17 and a P-63 collided while performing as the Wings Over Dallas airshow. Both planes plummeted to the ground. No reports yet as how many casualties but over 40 fire/rescue units are responding...
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    10/18/22 Two Dead as planes crash into Ohio automotive dealership

    Planes crash into automotive dealership
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    Tesla Megapack battery fire at California substation 9_21_22
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    4 alarm fire near port, Benicia CA 04_09_22
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    1.2 million SQ/ft Walmart warehouse fire 3_16_22

    Walmart Warehouse Fire There are many more videos available online from many resources. Fortunately No Injuries Have Been Reported.
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    Europe's largest nuclear plant on fire!

    Russian shelling is caused a fire to break out of the larger nuclear plant in Europe that provides 25% of all the power for Ukrainian
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    Westlake chemical explosion Lake Charles Louisiana 1_26_22

    Westlake chemical explosion Lake Charles Louisiana
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    1_25 Monroe County (Rochester NY) Apartment Complex Fire

    Multiple departments from Monroe County (Rochester) New York are working a large apartment complex fire in the suburb of Perinton. Temperatures were in the upper teens-low 20s. Crews battle large fire at Pines of Perinton
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    4 alarm church fire Rochester New York 12/25/21

    Firefighters respond to fire at Seventh-day Adventist Church More photos here: Monroe County Fire Wire
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    LODD Frederick Maryland

    Maryland Firefighter Dies
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    LAFD ladders

    Does anyone know the reasoning for use of wooden ladders by LAFD as well as several other California Departments? It seems like were heavier and require a lot more maintenance I don't see any big advantage for them. If there was he would think that other departments would also be using them. My...
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    Gas line explosion in Maryland 5/14/21
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    Volunteer fire service in the 60s

    Great video from Statter911, it really shows volunteer fire service especially in Baltimore County when they were in their hayday. The opening video segment that showed everybody running into the station to respond for a call reminds me of my time in WHFD.
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    Abandoned lumber mill fire New Albany Indiana 8/13
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    FDNY official defends excluding famed 9/11 firefighter from procession for being white

    It looks like equal rights only goes one way these days in FDNY.
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    5/23/2020 Major Fire San Francisco Pier 45

    A 4 alarm fire if destroyed over 25% of Pier 45 fortunately no injuries have been encountered.
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    4/20/2020 Fire at University of Alabama Music Bldg.
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    Non-tethered drone

    I knew FDNY had a couple of drones that were tethered I didn't realize they had some that weren't. This video has a great picture of 1 of them in operation at about 13:30.
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    12/27 Explosion Of a Liquid Nitrogen Line at Beechcraft plant

    Over a dozen people were injured, one is in critical condition.