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    Battalion / Division Cars

    Los Angeles City Fire attempted to do something similar, assigning their BCs rigs with compartmented bodies like that. It did not last long as they found it to be problematic, expensive, and far less useful than they originally expected.
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    8/7/20 Bronx All-Hands Box 2996

    75 or 42 first due to that box? Going to be real close.
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    Apparatus Front Line Lifespan

    Thank you all - good info. Was curious as I heard the union contract stated rigs had to be replaced by the 10 year mark. I could understand the 2008s and 2009s being past due after the issue with KME, but I also noticed several of the 2003s were replaced as late as 2016, maybe later. As far as...
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    Apparatus Front Line Lifespan

    Forgive if this has already been asked in another thread - I was not able to find it if it was. What is the typical front line lifespan of FDNY's engines and aerials? I had heard somewhere that the firefighters' union prevents frontline rigs exceeding 10 years of frontline service, but it seems...